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Re: ☎ TELEPHONE related IDNs

Originally Posted by Olney
I don't think any of us are anti DingBat.
I believe there is value especially in the single charactere ones.
When you add & just one gets sold plan for the forum to get flooded with these for appraisals.

I'm just trying to keep the quality of domains here high.

These two are really good...
Olney - I was specifically thinking of another person in the forum, who, I believe, is anti-dingbat - but lets not get into that argument. I also understand the other side - those who feel IDNs should be strictly for languages, and not symbols, but since symbols are "real" dot-com Internet addresses, you've got to wonder how they can or will be used commercially.

Also, I understand, from previous posts, that there may be some problems with these domains - whether they are/or will be valid or not, if they'll get deleted or revoked - I have no idea. As of now, they appear to be just as valid as any other IDN, but I would be interested to hear about any new news, regarding problems with special-character domains.

I agree - that, if these domains have any value at all, the single-character ones would be the most desirable. I only own 10, and they are all single-character domains.

I think it will be interesting to see how single-character-plus-single-word domains (like will be handled by the search engines - if they get preferred treatment, or if they will be kept out of search engine results all together.

While IDNs (in the various languages) are likely good bets (at least for good key words), I think dingbats would be more of a long shot. Still, I think some of the single character dingbats are cool!
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