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Re: Chinese

Originally Posted by mgrohan

赁 as the second character in the word rent, does not hold any meaning standing by itself.
I found an instance that 赁 was used by itself to mean "rent" in the first encyclopedia of China 《通典》, but that's 1,200 years ago :-).

每店皆有驴赁客乘。—— 杜佑 《通典》
(Each of these inns has donkeys available for rent to customers)

I doubt we can find such similar instances in current Chinese.

However, I must add. "赁.com" is still a very good and brandable domain (not sure about Dot Biz)

Correction: In some parts of China, 赁 is still being used (by certain people) as a verb, though not popular:

Examples: 我把这房子赁给你 (I rent this house to you)

Dot Com is King. will soon be king.

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