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Re: 奥运会.com Olympics Chinese. Avail.

Originally Posted by Asiaplay
PS: guys.. there is nothing wrong as to why you can not register (those of you trying and wondering why you can not register the simplified version).

Most of the time as Touchring pointed out - they will only allow one version to be registered and 99.99% of the time block the other (I suspect it will be a long time to almost never, before they allow both to be registered separately, except in the very small number of cases where they have already made the mistake as their tables were in error). This is also true for the .tw and .hk names - one must choose which variant (but by default gets both and both resolve).

I did check with the director from verisign, the variant block is a permanent thing, there's no way you can swap a traditional version with a simplified version, unless you delete or drop the name, and then it's for all to catch. :o

In such a case, snap will probably get the traditional version before you can register the simplified version, whatever API u use.

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