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Re: Simplified or Traditional ?

Hi All,

- Traditional characters will not disappear (and if their ever ends up being only one type of written Chinese, I believe it would be Tradtional)...
People in Hong Kong and Taiwan see simplified characters as being for peasants (a little how a native English speaker perhaps would see pigeon English).
Simplification of characters has helped general literacy in China - but it has also corrupted the Chinese language to a large degree.

Note that although the UN is moving to a single Chinese script it is more Cantonese it has dropped.
Also this is as, it is a large expense & cost to have it as an official UN language (which means ALL UN documents must be translated into Traditional characters) when it is perhaps justifiable to have just one Chinese script - and given population figures it is of course obvious why Simplified characters came up the winner for UN documents).

However note for decades there has also been talk in China even, that at some point they should be reverting back to Traditional characters - but I do not see this happening for a long time (however prove of the credibility & importance that China also applies to Traditional characters, can be seen by the fact that in China, every week school students have one class which teaches them Traditional characters - so even in China they are not ignored... remember prior to 1930s all Chinese culture & heritage, in poetry, arts, painting, religion and so on, is based on Traditional characters - with those gone, so is 5000 years of Chinese culture & history!!!).

Also note that in China, many companies will put their company name in Traditional Chinese characters on their business cards or office signboard - as this is seen to be higher class & shows they are is cultured & educated.

However I agree - for IDN and general use...
- for China use Simplified characters (namely .cn),
- for Taiwan & Hong Kong use Traditional characters (namely .hk & .tw)
- for Macau (Traditional vs Simplified - this can be debated... as although historically Traditional characters are what has been used in Macau, now the Macau "permanent resident" population is now probably close to 50% or more of Chinese from Mainland China origin & also most of their business comes from Mainland Chinese tourists - therefore I myself would be inclined to register Simplified Chinese characters in Macau also).
For .com, .net, .biz etc., if you can only register the one variant - then I would register the Simplified characters version, due to the fact that the China market is obviously the largest single market of the four, in terms of population and target users compared to the other 3 markets.

Just some add on comments - Cheers, Asiaplay

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