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Re: Simplified or Traditional ?

I am sure traditional script will never be adopted again on the mainland.

While simplified may be seen as for 'peasants', Hong Kongers understand the importance/reliance on the mainland (which is why many place a large importance on speaking Mandarin), Also the Central Government is pushing Mandarin adn it is in their future plans to include HK in the standardisation.
Also for the younger generations, without preconceptions (of simplified for peasants) where simplified is is easier to learn it will be preferred in some cases.

(however prove of the credibility & importance that China also applies to Traditional characters, can be seen by the fact that in China, every week school students have one class which teaches them Traditional characters - so even in China they are not ignored...

I have taught around China, and can say that no school teaches traditional characters as per say. Maybe for ancient texts etc. But it is not taught to learn the script, more to learn the poetry/art etc that was written in it.

Even in Guangdong, among all the Cantonese speakers I know very few can read well traditional script, and most have little desire to learn. Only those in business and the older generation.
Around the rest of China, about zero is known of traditional characters.

Also note that in China, many companies will put their company name in Traditional Chinese characters on their business cards or office signboard - as this is seen to be higher class & shows they are is cultured & educated.
This is just a design thing i think. And again applies to the older generations, and this is used alot alot less for companies in the last couple of decades.

Mr. Zhou Youguang, a reputed Chinese linguist, points out that the future application of simplified Chinese will justify the simplification of Chinese characters, which has won majority approval throughout the world. At the same time, as China becomes more influential in the globe, a larger number of people will learn Chinese. Under this circumstance, simplified Chinese will gradually become the exclusive standard of Chinese characters.

Regarding the application of simplified Chinese in other regions congregating Chinese people except for the mainland, experts indicate that many schools in Hong Kong have promoted putonghua education. Though the HK Special Administrative Region government has not made a specific policy, the public is paying more attention to putonghua education. In addition, some Taiwanese also use simplified Chinese.

I think ultimately simplified will win out in the end. Which of course is a great shame and would be a great loss.
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