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Re: Simplified or Traditional ?

Hi All,

- time will tell (it will not be lost however for a long time in Hong Kong and Taiwan)...

Comments were more so Rubber Duck can understand that having a single Chinese script is unlikely (and there are possibilities that, if that actually happened ,that it would be Traditional which wins out in the end).

However (comments were made more to teach / enlighten some of those here on this topic & so they could understand how strongly 99% of Traditional character users feel on this topic... and not under estimate there use in Hong Kong & Taiwan)...

Also to be honest, I agree if there ever is a change to Traditional character use in China (which is I think is possible)... it is unlikely to be while I am still alive to see it.

Cheers - Asiaplay

PS: Mgrohan.... it is not a separate subject in schools in China - it is taught as a lesson within Chinese literature etc. and as to how simplification system actually works (so it is unlikely you would notice it when teaching English in China... and I agree that it is really only University graduates who can really read traditional characters well in China - and then it also depends on how lazy they are... like English among University Graduates, the girls generally are better than the guys... )

I however disagree that it is only the older generation who uses Traditional Chinese Characters on Business cards & company signboards (that is totally incorrect) - but no issue... just here to discuss - cheers & thanks for your comments.
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