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Re: Does this 雇佣 mean Employment

Originally Posted by Asiaplay
Yes (this is one Simplified Chinese option to mean employment) - it is the simplified Chinese characters which mean "to hire" or "to employ".

However there are others terms used as well, to mean Job Placements in the English usage sense ("就业' to get a job, start a career) - therefore perhaps for China "就业机会" (employment opportunity) I understand is the more common term used in Simplified Chinese.
Note that "工作" (job), occupation (职业) and utilizing (利用... employment of resources in Taiwan usage more so it seems) and sometimes industry "工业" (employment in an industrial sense only) are also used to mean employment.

Cheers - Asiaplay

PS: if you are seriously investing in this area for development... then feel free to PM me and I will check if my understanding on the most common term is 100% correct or not.
Thanks AsiaPlay

So there is more ways of saying the same thing. Basically as you mentioned you need to capture what is commonly used.

Well , I would'nt mine starting up a in a Chinese version with


So yes I am open to development. The market would be bigger than you cannot argue with that.
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