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getting a lot of domains indexed at once

so I started with the IDN thing about 2-3 weeks ago and now I have a 100+ domains portfolio
and I'm wondering what to do now:

1. try to index all the domains at once so they can gather more google "age" and then start working on developing them. downside is missing the revenue from the google initial boost because only few sites would be already developed

2. develop domains one by one and index the site after you finish working on it so you can have the sweet initial 1-2 months boost and thus more PPC revenue. downside is the development process takes time and the domains won't be gaining google "age" in the mean time.

would I get penalized / banned if I try to index them at once by posting blog posts with 100's links to newly bought IDNs or with links and some content, multiple times, pinging a lot of ping services in order to attract bot attention. I guess yes?

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