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Re: 同性恋.tv - Nice Google Trends - Keep or Drop or Sell?

Only comments I keep getting from Chinese in China is that .tv means TV station... namely is not a great extension and people find it used for things other than tv station as being a little strange...
Also as TV Stations are all state controlled, the extension is not liked too much generally (and owned mainly, except for a few cable channel exceptions, which are still subject to strong Government censorship).
So perhaps it would be better if you had this IDN in a different extension (I personally only buy .tv, when the .com, .net and .biz options are already taken and when I consider it to be a good term for videos/movies, which I really think would be worth developing).

Agree that the Baidu search rate is quite good really ~59630 per month (2321 per day)... but it will be hard to trade I suspect, given the feeling in here towards anything not com or net - as Mgrohan says, it is probably more useful for one's own development only (so that's your answer - keep it if you have plans for developing yourself).

China officially is very anti homosexuality - so you will need to be careful on content if you develop it (especially any use of graphic photos, including kissing)... to ensure that this IDN would survive inside the Great China firewall (this is the only other issue jumps to mind)... but Taiwan and Hong Kong are a little more tolerant (however the traditional characters version is "同性戀" - HK Overt 16761 and TW Over 35316).
Remember that the USA movie "Brokeback Mountain" on gay issues was 100% banned in China (although quiet popular on the DVD black market - lol).

Sideline, if you ever get the chance see a Taiwanese movie "The Wedding Banquet" which came in 1993 - it is worth watching, quite funny really and portrays in comedy the reality of the traditional Chinese attitude towards homosexuality (see

Cheers - Asiaplay
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