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Re: This sucks. .cn

Originally Posted by Asiaplay
As I understand it is the "院" part which has got dusty into trouble (institute), University names etc. are not allowed to be privately owned - and are off limits except for Government approved & licensed educational bodies, as I understand).

What will be interesting later is to see if the .com version makes it through the firewall or even onto the listings in China - it might not!
I would not be surprised if the Search Engines agree to not include .com IDNs in search results, where the .cn version is banned (so don't count on the idea that having the .com, .net or .biz etc., will definitely be helpful as an alternative solution to not being able to hold banned .cn IDNs or in any other cases World-wide where this anomaly exists between gTLD and other ccTLDs IDNs out there).
Yes - I know it is hard for the gTLD to even check the language terms in half the languages they accept and this is partly why they have taken this approach to accept anything - but be careful (they might not work in countries later)... it might be the .com one traded at XX,XXX that gets this problem later (possibly even the ones which will be up for auction soon )

Cheers - Asiaplay

PS: however I agree dusty - it is tough to loose this name... but avoid institute names etc. and you should be fine
CNNIC is not China!

CNNIC is like the limited company that takes care of the Dot HK domains, a technical organization or company, no more no less. CNNIC is doing their job when reserving certain names that could be used by local governments or institutes (how they do it is debatable), but the Chinese people's right to use the Dot Com or Dot Net domains is guaranteered by China's Constitution (NOT CNNIC).

It's completely logical for CNNIC to reserve 法学院.cn, and it's also completely legal for Harvard University to use 法学院.com to offer education to the Chinese students. There are many foreign universities offering education in China already.

JPNIC may have reserved [Tokyo].jp, but it doesn't mean [Tokyo].com is not allowed to use in Japan. VeriSign also reserved some single letter Dot Coms.

CNNIC could have reserved the ASCII domain "", does it mean China would block "" in the future?

You should read Chinese laws before you suggest China would block 法学院.com.

Originally Posted by mulligan
CNNIC contacted me a while ago asking me to 'hand over control of to CNNIC' (Yep, a .net) that I have. (It's a 'sensitive' domain which shall remain unidentified)
I replied that it wasn't avaiable for being 'controlled by anyone but myself'

Never heard back .. anyone else have this happen?
There were thousands of fake emails and phone calls pretending to be from CNNIC. Just ignore them.

Dot Com is King. will soon be king.

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