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Re: This sucks. .cn

Originally Posted by Giant
CNNIC is not China!

CNNIC is like the limited company that takes care of the Dot HK domains, a technical organization or company, no more no less. CNNIC is doing their job when reserving certain names that could be used by local governments or institutes (how they do it is debatable), but the Chinese people's right to use the Dot Com or Dot Net domains is guaranteered by China's Constitution (NOT CNNIC).

It's completely logical for CNNIC to reserve 法学院.cn, and it's also completely legal for Harvard University to use 法学院.com to offer education to the Chinese students. There are many foreign universities offering education in China already.

JPNIC may have reserved [Tokyo].jp, but it doesn't mean [Tokyo].com is not allowed to use in Japan. VeriSign also reserved some single letter Dot Coms.

CNNIC could have reserved the ASCII domain "", does it mean China would block "" in the future?

You should read Chinese laws before you suggest China would block 法学院.com.
I was actually suggesting they may put political pressure on Search Engines to not allow block lists through (and agree 法学院 would be low on that list - I was referring more to other banned names, as a group, as a discussion point).

Show me the Chinese law that will stop them or make this pressure illegal, if the Government chooses that people should not be allowed to use those names in China?...

Yes, we all know CNNIC is a company (but don't tell me it is not Government linked and does not have to answer to Government influence - do not think or even try to suggest that CNNIC blindly came up with a banned list by themselves - we all know these things are Government monitored... just as they are in other countries like Korea etc.).
This is a discussion point I was raising for debate... and we all do not know if that will happen (but it could - so to blindly complain if it does will not help!).

Cheers - Asiaplay
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