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Angry Re: This sucks. .cn

Interesting. It looks like some house cleaning (or insider dealing) is clearly going on in the .cn name space. I just had FIVE .cn domains taken back from me today (different registrar). They all had "旅游局" (travel agent) in the domain name. Is that an "official" word in China?!

These were domains registered months ago and they are way past the 30 day limit CNNIC gives for denying registrations. Not that CNNIC cares but what business person in their right mind is going to build a company around a domain name that can be arbitrarily taken by CNNIC (read Govt) at any time?

This is GREAT news for holders.

Say what you will about ICANN and .com but at least the rule of law applies to .com domain ownership.

Bottom line: be VERY careful with .cn domains or you're next to receive the following:

"Dear Sir,

We hereby inform you that we have to delete your following domains up on a
request of the .cn registry. The .cn registry found the domains to violate their terms of registration."
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