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Re: This sucks. .cn

Originally Posted by zfreud
Interesting. It looks like some house cleaning (or insider dealing) is clearly going on in the .cn name space. I just had FIVE .cn domains taken back from me today (different registrar). They all had "旅游局" (travel agent) in the domain name. Is that an "official" word in China?!
This "旅游局" one is semi debatable, I think... however if you search in China ( you will find it only pulls up Government websites (one exception only).
So in a sense, yes - it is definitely "Tourism Board" (department) used by the China Government as Touchring suggests.

I agree this makes it hard when choosing .cn IDNs - namely to know for sure, what will later be considered a Government reserved term is difficult to know 100%.

I understand there is an arbitration process for CNNIC (which is run in Hong Kong from memory) - is there any ability to take these types of things to arbitration?
Any thoughts from others?

Cheers - Asiaplay

PS: are your other names similar which have been cancelled?
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