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Re: Newbie question about symbols

Originally Posted by blastfromthepast
Check for a list of symbols.

is called BLACK PHONE because that is what it was called in Unicode. The reason is there is also a WHITE PHONE.

Each character has a name. That's ☎'s name. BLACK PHONE. See:

They aren't coloured though. They are just like any other letter character.
Thanks that was very useful to understand domains symbols.

now, as all the ones i like are registered, whats the problem with registering word+symbol -like some guys did in here- i mean travel+sun, travel+rain, etc? Verisign will take down these domains? thats why some members are complaining or they dont like them? i really like them a lot. And second, im new and not a SEO, but can i take one and put it like this☎.html
instead of ??

i think it is amazing there were so few, i didnt get any!!!! ;D Idnclub and you blastfromthepast are amazing, you got them almost all these few single symbols. I envy you.

so whats the problem with word+single? i dont mind about SEO, overture, etc, but about Verisign take them down these domains? and can i do this☎.html ?
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