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Some chinese IDN domain for sale

纪实.中国(纪实.cn) --- on-the-spot record
动漫铃声.com --- Mobile ring from Comic and Animation
电信网上服务中心.com --- telecom service in internet
旅游出行.com -- travel
考托.com -- Toefl test
牛股.net -- best stock
房屋置换.com --- sell and buy house

They are key words in china and you can search them in

If you are interested in them please contact me.


Sorry, i don't know some friends can't see the domain name.

Now i add pinyin for them and the search result in and

纪实.中国(纪实.cn) --- JiShi B:17,900,000 G: 17,500,000
动漫铃声.com --- DongManLingSheng B:6,400,000 G: 3,630,000
电信网上服务中心.com --- DianXinWangShangFuWuZhongXin B: 64,100 G:4,850,000
旅游出行.com -- LvYouChuXing B: 1,930,000 G:4,300,000
考托.com -- KaoTuo B:135,000 G:2,700,000
牛股.net -- NiuGu B:8,530,000 G: 2,300,000
房屋置换.com --- FangWuZhiHuan B:435,000 G: 372,000

These domain are all for hot and high profit industry.

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