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Prodigy 24th January 2007 12:27 AM

Japanese Content Generation Services
I would like to extend a website development service opportunity to all members of this forum. I have partnered with a couple of professional interpreters and translators in Japan who are willing to develop content for Japanese websites.

I am sure that there are many members on this forum who have more than adequate skills in website development but lack in the local language content development aspect. It is hard enough to develop content in another language, let alone making that content relative to your target audience (Japanese internet users).

The final product that I will be able to provide you with is a 1000 character essay on any subject of your choosing broken down by sub segments so that you can cut and paste original content into the website

For example, on the topic of Jelly:
1. Introduction to jelly
2. Jelly in Japan
3. Jelly in Europe and America
4. Gelatin
5. Royal Jelly
6. Turtle Jelly
7. Desert Jelly

The total cost of this package is US$250 (US$0.25) a word. Compared to the US$0.10 per word that is paid for translation, this is a great opportunity for you to put original content on your websites that will help with capturing your target audience and with your page rankings on the major search engines.

There is flexibility in terms of the length in essay and I hope that this will encourage more members to develop local websites and capitalize on the wonders of Search Rankings and Google Adsense. We can finally bring some value add to the internet through original research and content!

Please PM me or e-mail me at should you have any questions or requests.

We can also be reached via our website at

Edwin 24th January 2007 12:09 PM

Re: Japanese Content Generation Services
Can you guarantee that the material is 100% original and not just a Wikipedia rewrite or similar? It certainly sounds interesting... Any topics that your team would be particularly strong at - i.e. do they have specific areas of expertise, even if they could "theoretically" cover any subject?

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