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Re: Arabic dream has become a reality !!

Originally Posted by g
yes arabic .com and .net are solid with no other versions and all website developers ,who are not aware of idns ,are using them

كوم .com
نت .net

if they offer new registrations at .com(idn) , then .com(idn) will be the arabic king and our will be the queen or less ... but it is a rare possibility as people here mentioned because of confusing similarity.

if they offer free or paid aliasing with .com(idn) then our prices will explode and you will see jumping in traffic and revenue ....

if they will leave as it is and offer new idn.idn registrations. it depends on the new idn.idn choosen and how arab will accept the sound of it .... but no doubt will be on the top for long unless they cancel them ....

ok, how about the left to right or right to left problem for Is this a problem at all?
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