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Re: My first IDN, ergh>.<

ok discarded that 记载.com
and then bought three new ones, and would some help determining if the names are bust or to keep:

nds游戏.com (supposed to be: NDS game)
惠城区.com (don't bother looking at the meaning, this is a name of district in Hui Zhou, named Hui Cheng District, Hui Chen District is the city seat of Hui Zhou, Hui Zhou is one of area/province/district/county of Guang Dong)
惠城.com (don't bother looking at the meaning too, this is Hui Cheng, the name of a city district)

the problem is I dont know which to keep, Hui Cheng or just Hui

please advise. thank

and about 报到.com
I have another native chinese friend, he told me that the meaning is but different type of register.
register has a lot of meaning, and this one kinda being used to report someone/some company/school/your boss/your wife that you are there.
if you are using this 报到 in term of hotel, it means that you report the hotel that you are there, in other word, check in
if you are using this 报到 in term of school, it means that you report to the school/homeroom teacher, that you are there/participate
if you are using this 报到 in term of tour stuffs, it means that you report to the tourleader that you are there/present
if you are using this 报到 in term of military, it means that you report to your sergeant/general/etc that you are ready and present for duty

so.....this makes me even more confused lolz. but at least there are some traffic going to this site pas 2 days while that 记载.com receives only 1 crap visit(that might be myself haha).

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