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Do you use your relatives names/address to register domains?

I was wondering if everyone likes to use his real name on whois registration? i tend to ask permission to relatives or friends to register using their names and addresses. I dont know if im paranoid about hijacking, scammers, etc. or that i dont like people discovering which IDNs are in my portfolio via whois. In fact im so paranoid about hijacking or scammers knocking on my door that i own domains in like 15 names and addresses in 4 countries, i use 7 registrars and i use 10 emails, though all the emails are forward to a single email account...

I like to keep my domains on "public whois" for several reasons u can guess. So if you see names like Naoko X from Osaka, N. X from New York, C. X from Tokyo, R. X from Oita, Ayako X from Saitama, etc, etc, etc. a lot of those domains are mine. [
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