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Re: Expanded Service at DNF

Guys - Aren't you better off running auctions here or at least having token auctions there and using the auctions there to push traffic/future members this way!

Olney has put a lot of work into this site and I'm sure he doesn't want to lose all his valued members to another forum just because they start taking a mediocre "you're ok too" interest in you.

Loyalty is key and despite Olney being a gentleman about the concept, I'm sure he can't be too over the moon with this idea.

Sure...flog a couple of names off at DNforum, but use the exposure to get the punters over here to the "specialty site".

If you're going to sell over there at least put something like "see more of my great domains available for sale at IDNFORUMS.COM in your signature.

After all you guys practically own this site. Keep the quality up, increase traffic here and don't waste your time with the threeword.commers and the increased competition you're going to face from the born again "naysayers" who are going to start regging second or third rate IDN.coms and use the following you create to hold them out as being "premium" domain names and flog them off side by side with you.

99% of the traffic over there doesn't give a ^$(#^ about you guys.
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