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Re: Blog in Chinese?

Originally Posted by Jeff
Just because someone here claims he is a scholar because he has 10000 names doesn't mean he is right.
Sounds like somebody is teasing our Big Dave :-) (I'm just kidding!)

No Jeff, I am a Chinese native speaker, but I have to say Dave is always right when he comments on Chinese language.

We did discuss this term once not long ago.

网络日记.com and 网络日志.com have exactly the same meaning -- weblog.
The word "记" (record) is very common, and "志" (record) is a bit classic. Because we already use "日记" to mean Diary, so we chose "日志" to mean Blog. Both are being used, but the latter is more popular.

网络日记 Google result 317,000

网络日志 Google result 6,040,000

Dot Com is King. will soon be king.
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