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Re: Expanded Service at DNF

Grant thanks for sticking up for here.
The fact is this forum was started because we were a bit tired of the negative responses on the other sites about IDNs. IDNForums has really already been accepted as the authority site on IDN Domains.

There is a huge difference in what the sites offer. Here we are believed to have a collection of members with the best IDN portfolios in the world. Other than perhaps Job Collect, GNO (or GMO) & DigiRock if you search for most of the top IDN Domains you could want in Japanese you will most likely run into a registration by our members. What this means is that the knowledge on here surpasses any on any other site.

On here you can learn the knowledge to increase the value of your portfolio. I've tried to offer examples, strategies, plus a look at my entire portfolio to members. I think that once the market truly opens most of the members here will increase their personal value a bit.

DNF on the otherhand has the biggest collection of domainers, brokers, & domain investors. Most of them only really trust DCG's judgement on things. If he accepts IDNs then others will at least spur some interest. There's only so much info that can be offered that wasn't already written here. They can stay 6 months behind on the progress or just eventually find here.

Since many of us are already members on DNF, NamePros we know that at least DNF has many members that deal with higher budgets. There is nothing that will be taken away from here. There still isn't many that are offering new unique things for IDNers. Being a developer I still realize a lot that is still needed for the site, IDN portfolio holders, & for the Japanese community. I'm committed to all. This site is just the first I still got plenty of work to do.
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