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Re: vs vs non-accent, etc

Originally Posted by jacksonm
The value order is exactly like you put it, except for the misspellings. When you don't use an umlaut over ä, it becomes ae:

Also, umlauts are not accents.

Thanx much for the input...yes, I know umlauts are not technically accents [I was generalizing]and that removing them becomes ae, but that's just an alternate way of regging the name.

German is an odd case, compared to say, French or Spanish where most would rather have fiance or espanol before fiancé or español.
The spelling doesn't change when an "accent" is removed.

So, you'd put em in this [below] order? I was doubtful about the IDN's being top 2 because I don't see the umlauts in domain names as much as I thought I would. Many times I see the version regged but the Stä vesion still avail. I know it's correct with the umlauts, but what versions are best for type-in and what's the best for a developed site?

If you speak German and live in the US without an umlaut on your keyboard, you'd be more likely to type Staedte instead of Stadte I presume....

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