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Re: My first Russian IDN - греции.com

Originally Posted by alexd
I decided to take a little break from regging Japanese IDNs, and today went ahead and regged my first Russian IDN.


I think it translates as meaning Greece.

However, I keep coming across a similar Russian word ( греция ) which I also believe means Greece.

When doing a check on Yandex, it seems that the two spellings have very similiar results in terms of numbers.

However, on, for греция you get 1.9 million results, and for the one I regged греции you get 3.3 million results.

Is there anyone in here who can shed some light on the name I regged, and if the twos words both have the same meaning.

Thanks as always for the help and time. It is very much appreciated.


I am afraid греция is the right word.
Asking a local domainer who missed the boat on IDNs in his language if IDNs are valuable is like asking your wife whether your mistress is pretty.
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