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10th September 2005, 06:15 PM
Welcome to IDN Forums
Our company has made a forum for discussion of IDN Domains, International Domain Names. Initially we doubted that there could be potential but realized quickly that nationals in countries that uses a chracter set that includes doubly byte characters such as Chinese, Japanese, & Korean, or languages that have accented characters will want to have domain names that are native to their language.

The market is still developing but there needed to be a place to discuss IDNs. Our company focus' on the Japanese market & realizes the potential there. We had a hard time finding people who understood the potential or value of very common terms, so we created this forum for users who are not fluent in the market they want to get into to gain some insite to IDN potential.

We hope to attract Pro Domainers & novices alike. We thank sites like DNForum.com, NamePros.com, & DNJournal which are top notch for the general domain name market. We have based our forum on their sites which are standards in the industry. Hopefully we can be a part of developing the market for IDNs International Domain Names.