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Rubber Duck
9th October 2007, 05:32 AM
Nearly 8 years on dot Asia stumbles out of the starting blocks. That is a salutary lesson for anyone thing that we are about to be spammed by a slew of new IDN registries.

I would suggest you register them at the same place as you did your dot mobis. They will be much easier to manage that way. Just simply ignore the reminders.

Any the BBC have an article here:


"Lesley Cowley, chief executive of .uk registry Nominet, said regional domains could prove to be a good option because many nations imposed stringent conditions on anyone wanting to register and use country code addresses.

"Ms Cowley expected many of the initial requests for .asia domains to come from companies that need to defend the trademarks they own in the region.

There is going to be an ever-increasing number of suffixes," she said. "Companies need to decide whether they are going to protect their registered marks in each and every one."

Despite the diversity of languages spoken in Asia, all the domains offered initially will be written using the Latin alphabet which is already used in established generic domains such as .com and country codes such as .uk.

Eventually though domains will be offered in character sets used in Asian nations but the DotAsia Organisation has given no hint about when this will begin. "