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29th January 2008, 08:44 AM
Want to be an Overseas Domain Agent---Join us!
Low price domain name---www.todaynic.com
Todaynic.com,Inc. is the best domain name registrar in China. We are one of both ICANN and CNNIC-Accredited in China, HKIRC&HKDNR Silver Prize winner. Founded in 2000, with a high professional experience in domain name registration, web hosting, and Email service, now offers you a low registration fee, value-added services, and over 80 domain extensions.

About the resellers:
Our resellers can be divided into Basic, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and VIP levels according to your amount of Advance payment and there will be minor adjustments under particular conditions. Please pay attention to the details in our price system.

Basic Level Advance payment≥$197.11 USD

Silver Level Advance payment≥$328.52 USD

Gold Level Advance payment≥$591.33 USD

Diamond Level Advance payment≥$1051.25 USD

VIP Partners Advance payment≥$1314.06 USD

Once you become our reseller, we will offer the free interface mode API(Application Program Interface Mode) and 40% discount of our products to you. Integrate a real-time, domain name registration process with your site by using our powerful SCP API (Support PHP ASP.NET and JAVA). Perfect solution for high-volume resellers.

Some lowest prices:
.CN $5.3 (first year: $0.13) .HK $23.29 (first year: $11.77) .COM $6.6 .INFO $7.24
.NAME $8.15 .WS $13.32 .SH/WS/AC/IO $58.21 .TW $28.46 .TV $38.29 .US $15.52
.CC $33.38 .TM $148.77 .MOBI $14.62 .TRAVEL $167.66

if you take any interest, please contact us directly.
Msn: info@todaynic.com jocelyn.now@hotmail.com
Email: sharon@now.net.cn jocelyn@todaynic.com

If you are interested in this, you can register on our website, it is free. www.todaynic.com, welcome !

29th January 2008, 09:14 AM
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