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28th July 2008, 03:53 PM
ETEthoca Helps Sedo Keep Fraud Out of Its Domain
Shared Community Experience Protects Domain Name Marketplace

Marketwire - July 28, 2008



Ethoca, the leader in collaborative fraud management, today announces that Sedo, the leading online marketplace for buying and selling Internet domain names and Web sites, has joined the Global Fraud-Fighting Community to make e-commerce safer and more profitable.

Sedo, an acronym for "Search Engine for Domain Offers," provides the world's largest database of domain names for sale, with more than 13.6 million listings. The success of Sedo's model has attracted a global membership base of more than 790,000 domain professionals.

Ethoca enables Sedo to avoid detrimental fraud transactions through access to its wide-range of member-contributed payment experiences. The Global Fraud-Fighting Community is the only service that offers companies an added insight into the payment experiences of other companies.

Ethoca is driving collaboration for fraud management in e-commerce and other customer-not-present environments, including phone, fax or mail-order. By securely connecting its members to a collective pool of member-provided payment experience information, Ethoca enables its members to make more informed decisions about their customer transactions in a way that is efficient, effective and ethical, and in a way that is not a competitive threat.

"Ethoca has seen firsthand how the effects of e-commerce fraud extend well beyond the loss of a physical product or dollar amount," said Andre Edelbrock, CEO, Ethoca. "We're pleased that the Global Fraud-Fighting Community is broadening to protect digital distribution markets and encompass the experiences of Sedo's global consumer base. We hope Sedo's leadership in digital property will propel other forward-looking businesses in this area to join the fight."

"Domain names have become one of the most key components to businesses and their branding," said Ulrich Essmann, president, USA division of Sedo. "Fraudulent activity in this realm not only harms marketplace members but it piles on added costs in credit card chargebacks and also damages the future viability of a domain. All of these aspects affect the community at large -- so why not work with a united community to keep these losses at bay? Ethoca is making it a reality."


Rubber Duck
28th July 2008, 04:34 PM
Personally, I would be more interested in keeping fraud out of SEDO. :p

28th July 2008, 08:24 PM
So now, if you buy or sell a name through SEDO, they share that info with people you do not know?