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1st March 2009, 04:21 AM


1st March 2009, 06:08 AM
Like the Fed bailing out banks and auto makers, Google is bailing out the big brands to keep them on the SERP ;)

1st March 2009, 06:11 AM
If true for the longterm (and this change hangs around) - it is a very scary move.. for any of the markets that G has any position in... thankfully they don't have power in all markets... also one has to hope they never apply this AT ALL to longtail searches.

Basically brands already hold enough power by themselves (they are not generic keywords and the day they are generic, their brand power and position is truly undermined) - so why pretend brands = generic keywords!

I could understand why if I put in "brand + keyword" it would be helpful to get the brand owners site, in #1 rank... but NOT at all when I put in just a "keyword".

The scary thing, is this ultimately means the end of "uniqueness" / choice of what is unique, over what is infamous anyway (and yes, could effect keyword domains) - to be unique or find niche products, one will need to start searching from page 3 or 10 onwards!
If I wanted to see XXX brand - I would type XXX brand keyword and not just "keyword".

Personally I think it is very silly for a search engine to think that searching for a keyword = I am searching for a brand! (infact I find it insulting and if this really happens, I will be switching away from G as my preferred search engine).

Additionally G can not even get translations correct for IDN keywords, I really wonder how the heck they are ever going to match famous brands for each language market / location for a keyword search term!
i.e. does this mean every brand that pops up in top generic keyword position in China or Korea or Japan or Russia etc. etc. will be a USA or if we are lucky a European brand (as they don't know which local brands or NEW brands are hot)!.

Hopefully this is a trial change ONLY and that G sees the folly and ignorance / massive bias in this approach - it actually makes search results less useful for people who are not into "mainstream" / the biggest used or searched brands.

Just some thoughts...

Cheers, Asiaplay

PS:Perhaps if G wants a brand search engine - they should be having an alternative one (or filter people can turn off and is off by default)... call it G brand search BS!
There is also bias built into the approach - in the example Arron pulled out "Airtickets" brings up industry brands (not airlines themselves), while for "watches" it brings up brands and not "watch industry sites" (i.e. their is no fixed method to what brand means for a keyword (for some it is power industry sites, while for others it is individual brand sites).

Also no, it won't help USA brands sell more overseas than they are now - it will just make people think G is biased and drop them as their search engine choice!... ignorance is bliss and the person who decided on this idea should be removed and put in a little box called "ticky tacky" (so that the "original" useful philosopy behind a search engine is maintained).

Lastly, interestingly enough this will probably lead to a drop in ad spending with G (and effect their bottom line) - as big brands and everyone else gains nothing from paying for a keyword that is dominated by big, mainstream brands (and the big brands won't need to pay anymore - why bother if you are put into generic position by default!).

31st October 2019, 02:51 PM
Google loves brands.

The bigger the brand, the better chance it has to rank higher in Google’s search results. Bigger brands are largely immune to negative SEO attacks and rarely get penalized by Google algorithms. But even when they are, they recover pretty quickly.

Like it or not, Google clearly has a soft corner for brands.