View Full Version : Welcome Zak Muscovitch (DNattorney) to the forum

18th August 2009, 06:00 PM

Just a quick post to formally welcome Zak Muscovitch to the forum.

Zak is an Intellectual Property & Domain Name Lawyer and most recently secured a victory in an important WIPO case for an IDN.

Zak will be popping in as regularly as possible to answer legal questions/queries related to IDN's, and no doubt to trade a few IDN's and join in the banter.

Although we all would hope never to need the advice of a Domain Attorney, the harsh reality is that as the world wakes up to the value proposition of IDN's, the sharks inevitably come circling - and knowing some of the treasures that are held by members here, I would say it's a case of when, not if.

We should count ourselves lucky that Zak is willing to hang out here, so I ask you please not to abuse this, and use the new Legal Forum area for raising non-private issues and questions, and only Private Message for the private stuff.

The Legal forum of course, like all the member forums is only viewable by members and not indexable by the search engines.

p.s thanks Mulligan for the introduction.