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29th October 2009, 09:12 AM
I recently switched my .TW IDNs to 101domain.com and wanted to let people here know that it was a pleasent and helpful experience.

Although not the cheapest new registration option for .TW IDNs, they were the only ones I found who were prepared to handle a "transfer in" from another registrar (and are competitive for .TW) - so just wanted to say "good on" them for breaking the barrier in this "transfer in" .TW area and going that extra step.

Ok - rant time... and the reason I made the move...
I used to have my .TW IDNs at ipmirror.com and decided to switch:-
1) as ipmirror's prices are crazy high (across the board)
2) ipmirror.com make it very difficult to use a credit balance as part payment (i.e. one has to fax them a signed authorisation to use that and a company registration cert copy), so indirectly this means they hold a lot of small balances of credit for their customers.
3) the trick of adding credit to match the payment needed does not work at ipmirror.com (as they only allow credit top-ups of US$250 minimum... and I for one am not happy giving them that sort of my money as credit to sit and earn $ on, at my expense).

So instead I faxed ipmirror.com the authorisation letter to transfer my IDNs away (as yes, that was not possible to do, using only their SSL control panel - as that according to them, only works for registrars they have a partnership with apparently... and god only knows who those are...).
The strange thing is, I did transfer a .asia from ipmirror.com to dynadot a year or so ago and I could use their control panel without any problem at that time (so obviously the new policy is just a ploy to make transfer out difficult for account holders).

So zero points go to ipmirror.com who I am glad to see the back of and positive points go to 101domain.com who were helpful in answering my questions and getting the transfer done fast, for an IDN extension that others can't be bothered to support "transfer in" for (done at a time close to the expiry date of those particular IDNs).

So just wanted to say thanks to Bill @101domain.com and share the experience I have had with them so far...

Cheers - Asiaplay

29th October 2009, 09:18 AM
If Bill is so accommodating invite him over here .. lets hear his pitch (And possible discounts for IDNF members)

29th October 2009, 09:25 AM
I guess he is already a member here (who lives in Calsbad, USA among us I ask!) :) - but this does give him a chance to make a promo post I guess...

29th October 2009, 09:34 AM
Transferred idn.tw & ascii.tw from DD24 to webnic.cc painless and inexpensive- relatively. :)

29th October 2009, 09:42 AM
@Wot - opps I missed that option (and always been little weary of registrars use a .cc domain, without someone recommending)... haha... thanks for sharing (should have asked you before perhaps - as that's a saving for sure - even on the small # I own... lol).

Anyway - positive service and a chance for Bill to take note and get prices within line for the coming year (when I look for renewal options once again) :)

30th October 2009, 10:52 AM
IMHO, 101domains suck. I tried registering a ascii .pk domain with them and its been almost a month and they havent registered it yet. Their live chat is just for show. Support tickets have been unanswered for weeks. Even a dispute claim at paypal hasnt garnered any communication from them.

30th October 2009, 11:00 AM
Hi - that's not great... just clarifying - is it 101domains.com (or 101domain.com), as seems they are different sites / registrars, that you had the problem with?

Cheers - Asiaplay

30th October 2009, 03:34 PM
https://my.101domain.com/html/images/101.2/domain_registration_logo.gif www.101domain.com

30th October 2009, 03:38 PM
Now, they disable my account

This account has been disabled, please contact customer service.

How lame is that ? . After taking 75 $ from me for an unregistered domain to disabling my access to the account I created to unresponsive support tickets. I dont really think its a reputable company.

Update : For the first time I could get through live chat and here is what happens:

You are now chatting with Patrick (101domain.com English)

Patrick: Welcome to 101Domain
Patrick: How may I be of assistance?
kartik: hello patrick
kartik: May i know why my account has been disabled
Patrick: It appears there was a dispute, you were thus refunded and account closed
kartik: sorry, i have got no refund
kartik: and I have got no email communication from you stating closure of my account
Patrick: I do apologize
Patrick: Our manager was handling your account. I will check with her once she arrives
Patrick: I will contact you with further information via email
kartik: okay, please note I have disputed payment and haven't got a refund yet. I have got no communication from 101domains at paypal or in my domain panel even after weeks of opening support ticket and then my account was closed without notice.
kartik: This is the first time I could get through your live chat
kartik: I hope you can put this on priority and revert asap patrick
Patrick: I will confirm with our manager and reply via email today
Patrick: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
kartik: yes, please email me this chat at ---- MY EMAIL ID HERE ----
Patrick: Currently, we are unable to email the chat to you
Patrick: I will contact you via email though
kartik: okay, thanks !

30th October 2009, 03:56 PM
ok - thanks for clarifying and comments... not a good sign I agree... but is also what the forum here is for - to act as a guide and comment base for people on IDN issues.

Perhaps Admins should review the problems you have had closer,since they are supporting this registrar... and 101domain should really comment here as well...

Cheers - Asiaplay

1st November 2009, 09:38 PM
I dont think 101domain is a legit company. Looks to me its handled by a handful of friends who dont know what professionalism is.

He cannot email me the conversation. I mean come on !

2nd November 2009, 02:05 PM
Paypal settled the dispute by reversing the transaction . +1 for paypal

NOT going to deal with 101domain ever again :)

11th November 2009, 06:17 AM

I apologize for your unpleasant experience with 101domain.com.

Live Chat is available much of the day (PST) as well as our toll free lines for support in addition to support tickets.

We are very concerned with security at 101domain. Once you initiated a chargeback, your account was automatically disabled. As you may know, there are high instances of fraud via Paypal and we have very tight security controls as a result.

Certain domains such as .PK are not automatic registrations which do occasionally take longer due to manual review with the registry. Registration time guidelines are stated on our website.

Thank you for your feedback. We value your concerns and suggestions.


11th November 2009, 07:07 AM
Ouch ... Took a fairly long time to get back huh? Thanks for the feedback though.

24th November 2009, 06:43 AM
Cant speak for anyone but I had one experience with 101 so far.
Had to contact them at 230 in the morning via chat
Patrick was in and working. He was able to look into my situation and provide at least an answer.
That level of service really suprised me.