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10th August 2010, 04:56 PM
Namedrive is asking me to return the money I have earned from parking! Some of the earnings go back as far as 3 month ago!

They say their advertising provider is the one who is requesting the money back, arguing the traffic was not good! I have never faked any traffic, as far as I know it was just a site I had abandoned and was getting a lot of spam, and thus I killed it and parked the domain, as I do with all my unused domains.

They also argue other companies reduce future payouts to compensate when this happens but they have decided to be honest(!) with their clients and simply ask money back.

So you thought the money is yours once in your pocket? How often are they doing this? How can we trust Namedrive payments? Is this legal at all?

10th August 2010, 05:00 PM
Was this an IDN site?

10th August 2010, 05:27 PM
what does "traffic not good" mean ?

10th August 2010, 05:38 PM
bwhhisc: no, no idn.
squirrel: good question, maybe Ed can help. (He knows what's going on)

Note: I informed ND I was going to post this. I think everyone should know about this.

10th August 2010, 07:59 PM
Maybe you can ask for your traffic back.

Seriously there's a philosophical point to be made here - as easy as it is to mass produce one page adsense sites programmatically for a techie like you Jose, you should reconsider what you're doing there.

In the time you spend tweaking your ND pages, you could be choosing options for a page you create by template. Might be slightly less effective, but the revenue share cookie jar would have only two hands in it, not three. Just saying...

10th August 2010, 10:47 PM
So you can't park previously developed domains?

No, you're wrong, I never did any link building or code anything for that domain. I simply installed PunBB and never updated it. Some how spammers found about it and started using the forum to post spam. When I found out (due to the resourses they were eating on the server hosting) I simply removed it all and parked the domain.

I have nothing hide. The domain was socialnetworksforum dot com. Some pages are still indexed on Google and Yahoo.

11th August 2010, 02:43 AM
I had a similar experience with NameDrive recently, and for a domain they had previously explicitly accepted into their program, knowing full well where the traffic was coming from. I know that because I had a dialogue with them about it when I put it into their system.

They came back to me later and said "Google won't pay us for recent traffic, so we aren't going to pay you".

Seems they want to have their cake and eat it. i.e. take all the money when google pay them, but when they don't, just pass all the risk onto the domain owner. So its a partnership when things are going well, but if not, they let you sail down shit creek without a paddle.

What annoys me most is this was over the amazing amount of $45. Such is their idea of "customer service". They could have said "split the difference", or whatever, and kept me as a client, but no, they stuck to their dogmatic position that I as the domain owner has to take all the risk, T&C, blah blah yada.

So not only have they lost a good client, they are helping to spread the word that parking companies are basically leeches.

I will never park any new domains there. The fact I did all the Thai translations for them without asking for a penny does kind of wrangle with me. They don't seem to have heard of karma .... or indeed, simple ideas about how to retain clients ;)


11th August 2010, 03:10 AM
In the end, there is only one thing that I really, REALLY don't understand:
How on earth don't they realize this is BAD for business?!

12th August 2010, 10:08 AM
In the end, there is only one thing that I really, REALLY don't understand:
How on earth don't they realize this is BAD for business?!

Exactement :)