View Full Version : dropped hebrew IDN QUICK TIP for 2 letter IDNrs (act fast)

8th January 2011, 03:25 PM
Checking out some of the dropped domains recently, I came across a hebrew IDN I think is a good pick for the 2 letter IDN seekers

תא.com / xn-­-­4dbf5c.­com

which translates to "cell" in biology (organism cell) and electronics (6 cell battery) and "chamber" and "unit"
BUT also means TA which is the common abbriviation to Tel Aviv (written ת"א), Israel's business capital.

another reason to buy this is that IDN.co.il isn't selling <3 word domains and no telling when it will.

so less options = more value, right?

IDN.bz rating: 49

I have too much in my mounth to swallaw so this I leave to you ;)
however, if you're interested in majortraffic .co.il IDNS related to job seeking, games or tourism - private msg me

somebody bought it within 11 minutes of posting. congrats to the buyer!

8th January 2011, 04:26 PM
some more ideas for 1 word dropped hebrew domains that may have demand.
currently all following .com's are currently free for registration after being recently dropped

אלף [Aleph - the first letter of hebrew alphabet]

זום [Zoom]

עמלה [Commission]

פגישות [Meetings]

פוסטר [Poster]

קופה [Cash register or slang for lots of money "לעשות קופה"=making lots of money and also means female monkey]

do research these before buying and good luck