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5th November 2012, 12:04 PM
looking for 9,000 Euro for Russia.tv in native Russian Language

from past sales report Moscow.tv sold at idnforum for 5,000 US$

Just in case with россия.tv = Russia.tv in Russian langauge i will not fear tel idn.idn come

Its enough for this top Diamond Name that all thousands US$ paid daily in .tv idn registrations or .tv idn purchases are all under this diamond value

number one tiptop russian term in .tv extension

what give much value for the name that Russia.tv in english is developed site pagerank 6 and alexa under 18,000 and owned by The Russian Television and Federal State Unitary Enterprise

payment should be wire/transfer or in two push through western union

6th November 2012, 06:26 PM
Hey Alls

i think i do a silly to offer it for 9000 Euro , as i was away from forum when ICANN show the .com only transilation , alot of you paid many thousands of dollars in .net .tv purschases

i bought the domain just last night for 1000 US$ from twomoon at namepros

for me 1000$ invest in Russia keyword still not a risk and worth that

yes the name still for sale , anybody can make me good profit with the price i already pay yesterday , can pm me anytime

sorry guys , i just back to the forum 2 week ago , didnt check the last ICANN information
and i agree im the lowest in experience about all new news and information about idns
as im spending 90% of my time in development

im sorry to all if i bothered anybody of you with my low skills in valuate my non native language domains
again i love you all at the forum , not keeping much idns , but always love to come here , many of you are great friends to me that i always hope to get great guys like you
many of you hate the way im selling
i hope in the future in all my sale to put all your comments and suggestion and i will apprciate every thing , i beleive as i mention above that i need all your suggestions because im the lowest experience from all of you

again and again I LOVE YOU ALL
again and again IDNFORUMS is the best
thanks guys

6th November 2012, 07:30 PM
again and again

from today i will just use auction forums , and i will start auction with no reserve and no bin for all my non native language

i recieved 1200$ for my russia.tv from my best friend at namepros and monkmonkey just offered me 1300$ and i hope if monk can let me pass ,because i refused my tiptop friend offer before because i was looking for the stupid 9000 $

im happy with 1200$ even if the name worth XX,XXX US$

i still beleive that my top advisers are all of you , beleive that i got good experience from all rubber duck posts and great suggestions from alpha , great help from billwinans , trust from chrisofmel , support from tee1 dnnames fka200 , great welcome from drewbert , french help squirrel , first 500$+ sale from idn , respect thefabefive , bothered always with question and always answer and help 555 , Top admin bramzio

Friends : all of you

11th December 2012, 02:17 AM
i recieved 1200$ for my russia.tv from my best friend