View Full Version : BEWARE of registrar "eranet" and related sites

30th July 2013, 08:11 AM
Eranet, is also known as the following sites:
now.cn(China mainland)
tnet.hk (HK web)

We registered a bunch of domains with them a month ago. A few had regulatory problems whereby we had to provide more information. To begin with, they had very limited communication/emails. We had to call up to ask on progress despite daily emails we sent to them, they finally informed us of what had happened about 4 days later. They then said they'd try to resubmit a couple of domains for us which no longer required documentation.

We continue to email them daily and 3 days later still no reply. We call them up and they tell us that the domains registration attempt had not been made because "it was the weekend". As a result, someone else took our domains.

Absolutely horrible service, amateurish employees and a total mess of an organisation. Unfortunately it was our first attempt at chinese domains and we thought it was the norm, but their software is absolute rubbish and completely unmanageable. In fact, it was giving us misleading information (that our domain registrations went through fine, which is STILL on their site at the moment).

To top it off, now they're refusing to provide us with a refund on failed domain registrations. It's been 2 weeks since our request and constant emails. Their excuses have ranged from (and I'm not joking), "I've submitted to finance but they haven't replied", and "the boss is worried that if they refund, we'd reject the payment".

We're now resorting to requesting chargeback through our credit card provider. Spent nearly $900 on domains and this is what we get.

This is an absolute joke of an organisation and clearly run by a bunch of amateurs. Stay away at all costs.

31st July 2013, 01:50 AM
Hello chickens, as another China domain Registrar, we felt very sorry about your experience with Chinese Registrar.

To be honest, there were rare/few China Registrars who were providing English version websites, let alone customer service/support in real/full English.

Also, it's not so easy to hire good staffs with both English and Computer/Internet skills currently.

Requesting chargeback through your CC provider might be a challenge to the domain Registrar but would protect Registrant better. Hope the $ is still in the timeframe of chargeback-available if you paid by Paypal.