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17th June 2020, 04:44 AM
The domain industry have very success sold domains in installment plans
As u know all of us have hundreds of Bill's monthly from domain renewals to development/ hosting / etc
As Corona Stop most business too and made Very tight in Cash

In twitter as I'm following thousands of success domainers , I saw many great posts of success stories about selling domains in installment plans

First many now give the service for ex. Escrow.com / DAN.com / Epik.com etc

For ex. We can in our sales thread if seller want to add a choice of installment plan for buyers to buy idn, for ex. The price is 4800$ for the name and buyer/seller to use Dan.com for ex. For the deal,
Ex. Buyer/seller agree of 200$ monthly in 24months = 4800$ = Sale done

First this installment plans give many of us a chance to buy many names from other in very low monthly payments, also help buyer to buy many names as he paying low money monthly
It's also help seller that his name sell too
Also the most important point that its give chance for buyer to buy the name that he very interesting in it and secure it so fast when he don't have lot cash to pay the full payment

Note: you can read FAQ of installment plans in the websites that provide the service
Note: its secure both buyer/seller in all situations of the sale

Thank u

17th June 2020, 04:58 AM
More important notes:

Note: there is many good points u should know In this kind of sales

installment plan = secure buyer if he get good offer to sell the name for enduser even he is still in the plan, only he need to close all plan cash

Example: I bought a name for 1k$ in 5 months installment plan = 200$ monthly.
In the 3rd month I recieve offer from enduser to buy the name for 50k$
I need only to pay the left cash of the 4th and 5th month = 400$ because i already paid the first 3 months that cost in total 600$, so I can push the name to the enduser and get the 50k$

@Note: the domain in the installment plans, secure buyer
company that give the service, ex. Escrow.com, seller cant get back the name for any reason if buyer paying in due time
Because seller should push the name to the company provide the service when the sale plan just start