View Full Version : Simple bulk domain parking?

8th January 2006, 03:20 AM
I've been registering my domains with DomainSite.com. Is there a simple way to set up domain parking in bulk?

For example, can I set up URL redirection so that it redirects to http://www.specifiedsite.com/currentdomain where "currentdomain" is filled in based on the domain in question? Or do I have to enter 300 entries separately, one per domain, with the exact URL in each?

8th January 2006, 04:13 AM
Actually, I figured it out... simply use nameserver pointing rather than URL redirection. :P

8th January 2006, 05:44 PM
Hi Edwin, The bulk registration of Domainsite does not seem to work with me. Are you able to use it? It gives me error on the last page of registration. Raj

Rubber Duck
8th January 2006, 05:53 PM
Bulk registration will only work if you input the Punycode, I think.

Maybe Bramzio can help you out with Bulk Conversion.

Best Regards
Dave Wrixon

8th January 2006, 06:05 PM
Thanks Dave for your reply. However, that does not seem to be the case. All my names are in punycode. Even if I try to register two names together the system starts crying with some error (though it does not mention what the error is) ... :-(. I contacted the support staff and guess they are still trying to grapple with the problem.....:(. Cheers!

8th January 2006, 11:51 PM
I put the names into the shopping cart one at a time, and then registered them together once I had a whole batch in there, and that works. What I was talking about was after registration i.e. how to sort out the parking side of things.

9th January 2006, 03:26 AM
Thanks Edwin, I'll try out your way. Still, your procedure would also be taking a lot of time! Ideally, there should be bulk check and registration as we know it and this does not work...:(.

Yeah, I know you were talking about parking redirection stuff. Sorry to poke in with a different problem!