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17th September 2005, 01:49 PM
Anyone want to help out with making A domain Name glossary?
Basically something for beginners to understand terms?
We also aren't selling Pros even though we own over 100 domains.

For Example

NNN.com for Sale
NNN is refering to a domain name with 3 numbers N=Number

LLL.com for Sale
LLL.com is refering to a a domain name with 3 Letters L=Letters

I think we can already expand terms here (You seen these here first)

CC.com for Sale
CC.com refering to a 2 character Chinese Domain C=Chinese

JJ.com for Sale
JJ.com is refering to a 2 character Japanese Domain J=Japanese Character

KKK.com for Sale
KKK.com is refering to a 3 character Korean Domain Name K=Korean.

OVT is Yahoo's Overture Tool

OTVJP is Overture Japan Tool

OTVCN is Overture China's Tool

If anything sound like it conflicts with something please post
& if you can please contribute..