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14th August 2006, 10:15 AM
HI All,

I am feeling very glad, now we can program in Hindi also!!!
This Indic system is known as Hindawi Programming System. First version brought in 2 yrs before, 15th August 2004. Tomorrow Hindawi will complete 2 yrs, but these 2 yrs are very hard for Hindawi, system got lots of appreciation but not yet used for commercial porpose, Why?? What Happened to Hindi Lovers??
System has lot of potential, you can see that, DOS is implemented in Hindi. Most pathetic task is to display Hindi in DOS mode, which is being done.
With the help of Hindawi-DOS, you can even boot your system. What else we want? Even with Hindawi system we can program Device Drivers, ROM and even BIOS, fully in Hindi mode.
Currently this system provides programming in C,C++,JAVA, BASIC, LEX, YACC, ASSEMBLY and LOGo in Hindi and other Indic languages.
Technically Hindawi is very strong, system received CSI(Computer Society of India)NYITPA(National Young IT Professional Award)-2005.

In the 2nd year of its birth, now Hindawi ported to Linux, "Hindawi@Linux", which is Gift for Hindawi Lovers on its Birthday.

Hindawi is also open source, so that you can download it free without any cost for Windows platform or Linux platform.

Please visit link to know more about Hindawi Internals:

Download Hindawi:
http://www.indicybers.com/Hindawi/ for windows,
http://www.indicybers.com/HindawiLinux/ for Linux platform.

Please join Hindawi yahoo group to know how to program in hindi: