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  1. .coms and .nets to be banned in China?
  2. Sherpas on Idn's & on idn.idn
  3. Browsers identify transliteration of .com like web adress
  4. Elespañol.com (IDN) sells for 12K
  5. Domainincite-- The new massive #2 (IDN) gTLD has me paralyzed with confusion
  6. .中国 有可能超越所有后缀
  7. So what's the story?
  8. New Tool: How to Invest in Chinese Domains Without Knowing a Word of Chinese
  9. Verisign Downgraded By Wells Fargo: Growth Is Slowing Due To New gTLD’s
  10. Universal acceptance of all TLDs now!
  11. APTLD Survey Report - Launch and Use of IDNs (2014)
  12. Chinese .IDNgtld's off to a good start
  13. Verisign withdraws one of its IDN applications.
  14. Chinese government buys 20,000 new IDN domain names
  15. Amazon.com heading to South Korea
  16. Launch of the Extended Process Similarity Review Panel in the IDN ccTLD Fast Track
  17. ICANN BA
  18. The Domain .shabaka is the first new TLD to market, and the first new IDN in Arabic
  19. Thunderbird IDN email
  20. България.com - Dropped Yesterday
  21. Public Interest Registry Releases Bi-Annual Domain Name Report
  22. The Next Internet Revolution Will Not Be in English
  23. Verisign and PIR successfully defend IDN Transliteration objections
  24. .Web, .Free, and Geos Lead Domain Investors Choices on new gTLD’s
  25. Unicode Is the New Internet Gold Mine
  26. NTAG rubbishes new gTLD collision risk report
  27. Video from: Webfest Global 2013 "New gTLDs and IDN gTLDs" panel
  28. Verisign confirms their IDN aliasing plans, hooray!
  29. Verisign April 2013 State of the Domain report released...
  30. ANA calls for new gTLDs delay, again
  31. New generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) – ICANN Trademark Clearinghouse Goes Live
  32. Google Decides to turn off its blocking tool
  33. Another New gTLD Withdraw From ICANN; This Time Its An IDN
  34. 點看, 大拿, कॉम passing
  35. Why Rick did not invest in idns.....
  36. Agenda for ICANN Special Board Meeting
  37. ICANN running a Webinar on new IDN TLDs
  38. ICANN'T believe it's not Apple: Vatican wins domain-handout lottery
  39. Eurid-Unesco IDN study on multilingual internet
  40. Azeri Domains
  41. Google Registers 18 IDN Domains
  42. Transcript of Verisign Q3 Earnings call
  43. user experience variant tld's pdf from icann
  44. Finally - IDN.IDN parking support !
  45. Englisch Letters and Arabic Numbers at Chinese Domain
  46. DNForum pulls the plug on IDN domain sales
  47. French IDN for Tel-Domains
  48. Cherokee IDN website launched.
  49. Verisign to Present at the Citi Technology Conference
  50. IDN Variant TLD Program Update
  51. US must hand over Internet control to the world
  52. Thai NIC objects to .thai application
  53. Russian gains official status in Ukraine
  54. Domain Holder of The IDN, Cabañas.Com Beats Back A UDRP Challenge
  55. Internet Grows to More than 233 Million Domain Names in the First Quarter of 2012
  56. GAC demands appeal of IDN ccTLD bans
  57. New: it-domains with special characters
  58. China re-opens it’s ccTLD domain to individual registrations.. Finally!
  59. Introduction of Fr-Domains with special characters has started May 3
  60. Oman launching عمان.
  61. Big IDN Sales Headline a Monster April
  62. gTLD news
  63. Variant Project Presentation
  64. not greatest news, but still news...
  65. French companies learning the value of IDN's
  66. French upset over email from generic domains
  67. VeriSign plans to apply for about 12 new top level domain names
  68. SRB-Domains in Cyrillic Letters
  69. Non-Latin Top Level Domain names grew in 2011
  70. .CA domains going IDN? Round Two in January
  71. Verisign December 2011 State of the Domain report released...
  72. Did google make 4.5 billion in non-English speaking countries
  73. IDN.cn and Sedo
  74. IDN.IDN & Sedo
  75. Dynadot Rebranding
  76. What do people type in the address bar?
  77. Google Adwords now allows Internationalized domain names
  78. now there are domains that can't be easily typed!
  79. Epson using Japanese IDN
  80. Greece’s request for .ελ turned down
  81. Dynadot raising prices on .biz and .orgs
  82. What Is an IDN?
  83. 20th of June 2011, ICANN meeting, Singapore
  84. Ignore Swartz follow Sorrel
  85. Ukraine's idn cctld request passes string evaluation
  86. Spammers exploit Internationalized Domain Names to punt penis pills
  87. Making IDN gTLD's Attractive and Safe-Tina Dam
  88. Lets Talk Latin
  89. Applicant guidebook not in March
  90. just for fun ...
  91. March It Is :)
  92. New TLDs may face more GAC delay
  93. IDNs in .kz
  94. .fr to open for french IDNs
  95. PIR on the right track
  96. VeriSign Gives ICANN $500k for Sponsorship
  97. Tina Dam Resigns
  98. .HK Domain CLOSED!
  99. ".香港" domain name will be under registration for public from January 2, 2011.
  100. U.S. Government Calls for Delay to New Top Level Domain Names
  101. .PL Domain Registrations Set to Pass 2 Million
  102. .DE Passes 14 Million Registrations
  103. Top Level Domain Holdings to Capitalise on ICANN's Introduction of New gTLD
  104. .РФ Discriminates Against Minority Languages
  105. .РФ Domains Deactivated
  106. .РФ Auctions Canceled
  107. irregularities in the registration of domains in the zone. ".РФ" "
  108. Are a few beginning to get it? or not?
  109. my first arabic website using Arabic IDNS (interesting numbers)
  110. ICANN Nears Expansion of Domain Names
  111. Verisign 3rd quarter earnings call: timing of IDNs
  112. ICANN adopted board resolution: gTLD timetable
  113. .iran string approved
  114. Telnic Takes .TEL To China !
  115. New Associated Cities Leadership Outlines Organizations Goals
  116. Arabic SSL Certificates Launched
  117. 4.38 Trillion Yuan
  118. Next phase of .РФ underway
  119. egyptian company buys link.net for 130 million $
  120. Guidelines drawn up for use of Indian-language domain names
  121. .рф update
  122. ICANN Approves Chinese Internationalized Domain Names
  123. Benefits of .tel IDNs
  124. LA Times Article on Arabic Domains
  125. Sheikh Muhammad Launches his Website in Arabic
  126. СЕКС.РФ
  127. .РФ is live!
  128. First non-Latin domain name goes live, trips out browsers
  129. onkosh.com is closed :(
  130. And there's more!
  131. .рф, .امارات, . مصر, and .السعودية finally approved?
  132. IDN ccTLD Request from Jordan Successfully Passes String Evaluation
  133. Free Pre-Registration of tel-domains with special characters
  134. The importance of top-level domains
  135. Telnic Announces Launch Date of June 15th for IDNs in Sixteen Languages
  136. more idn ccTLDs
  137. .ru to require paperwork
  138. GAC Interim Principles on IDN ccTLDs
  139. ICANN Nairobi
  140. Kurt Pritz of ICANN discusses IDNs at Nairobi Meeting
  141. Today in 'Wired' magazine
  142. .РФ Update
  143. Prague October 2010
  144. VeriSign’s Plans for “.Com IDNs” Become Clearer
  145. RNIDS is preparing to participate in introducing Cyrillic ccTLD
  146. Changes at lu-domains
  147. Bulgaria applied for .бг
  148. Community Support for IDN ccTLDs - Icann Blog
  149. Dirty Word in Arabic Rejected
  150. Bangladesh formally applies for .বাংলা
  151. Sedo to support Afrikaans Domains
  152. Europeans Angry FireFox doesn't support IDNs
  153. Domain names in Indian languages in three months
  154. IDN TLDs: pre-registrations, declined requests, etc. - Tina Dam
  155. Russian Experts say .rf will be a failure!
  156. The current breakdown of 7,000 .рф domains.
  157. Rod Beckstrom (ICANN) speaks on the internet ecosystem
  158. japanese daily newspaper with news about .idn root
  159. .РФ Aprroved!
  160. First 4 IDN ccTLDs pass String Evaulation
  161. Introduction to IDN 101. - Elliot's Blog
  162. ICANN approves Arabic domain for UAE
  163. A Chinese keyboard!
  164. IDNTools.com Takes a Bow in Times Square
  165. IDNTools on Times Square Billboard
  166. Investors in Foreign Domain Names Quickly Multiply
  167. .бг or .бгр?
  168. Report: China Halts Overseas Registrars from Registering .CN Domains
  169. .LU (Luxembourg) launch IDN with grandfathering process
  170. EuroDNS First to deploy IDN with IPv6 Worlwide
  171. ICANN Moves Ahead with International Domains
  172. IDN Scaremongering: Mashable and Times Online Screw Up
  173. Internet: What’s Yahoo in Cyrillic?
  174. Chinese Domain Names Snubbed in Jinan
  175. Will Arabic domain names help censorship, create 'cyber-ghettos'?
  176. Russia accused of creating "Cyrillic ghetto"
  177. Russia Is Torn Over Push for Use of Cyrillic Web Domains
  178. China Tightens Internet Control in the Name of Fighting Porn, Piracy, and Cybercrime
  179. Sedodo Cyrillic IDNs
  180. UNESCO enters partnership to advance on-line linguistic diversity
  181. Telnic Wants to Release .Tel IDNs
  182. Name.com Offers EU IDN Pre-Registrations for $9.99
  183. Why do the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia still have Web domains?
  184. .РФ Registrar decides not to close "loophole" for cybersquatters
  185. Internet speculators given amnesty
  186. Internet speculators given amnesty (in Russian language)
  187. Russia To Resume Priority Cyrillic Domain Registration Soon
  188. 327 keys enable IDN.IDN
  189. IDN.EU coming, only support Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic characters NOW.
  190. dot egypt ... what do you expect?
  191. the roll out of Domain Names in Indian languages by June 2010
  192. new comer
  193. MSNBC show / 5 min segment on IDN
  194. New exploit for IE6 IE7
  195. ICANN may not consider Kyrgyz government’s request for KG domain zone administration
  196. Kazakhstan wants to register a domain name in Cyrillic
  197. Bangla may be used in net domain name
  198. Internet Governance Forum ‘09 Roundup
  199. Qunar raises $15MM
  200. Egypt launches Arabic web domain. BBC
  201. The first IDN ccTLD will be .cn
  202. News: IDN at .name, de-domains of 23.october, IDN at .eu
  203. Hindi Domain Name - Youtube Video
  204. New GNSO Chair
  205. ICANN Approves Non-Latin ccTLDs
  206. ...and from India
  207. Google CEO talks about the future of the internet
  208. Introducing IDN Newsletter
  210. Top-level domains to make Japanese script debut
  211. Here's a bright post...
  212. IDN .eu launching soon
  213. Next Steps from ICANN
  214. Arabic idners start search idns after the big advertising about idns
  215. Interview Director of the Coordination Center of the domain RU Andrei Kolesnikov live
  216. WSJ -- doesn't have it quite right...
  217. IDNtools policy change - please read
  218. my competitor
  219. Spanish and Portuguese IDN ccTLD are working
  220. IDN.mobi soon
  221. EURID: Introduction of IDNS at eu-domains ath the end of 2009
  222. ICANN Sydney underway
  223. ICANN Sidney
  224. Russian IDNs - 1 million rubles for top tier рф?
  225. World will change ICANN's future, CEO says
  226. Promotion of Chinese domain name ".中国 (China)" starts
  227. Hungarian teen movie with IDN as title
  228. Initiation of IDN ccPDP by ccNSO Council
  229. Revised Icann Idn Fast Track visited again
  230. Chinese character top-level domain may be available in 4Q09
  231. VeriSign: Aliasing for IDNs!
  232. Breaking news from Moscow.. IDN presentation from Verisign
  233. On this day... March 15
  234. 繁体“.中國”域名预计5月开放注册
  235. ICANN Mexico discussion thread
  236. Lukewarm Response to UAE Arabic Domain - Khaleej Times
  237. Governments and Country-Code Managers' Interest in the Fast Track Process
  238. ICANN 1-31-2009 Successful Evaluations of .test IDN TLDs
  239. Chinese IDN Domain Portfolio New Site
  240. China's .cn Now the Second Most Popular TLD
  241. Real Chinese domain name show:中国政府.政务
  242. Tina Dam: Compliance with IDN Technical Requirements
  243. company in Israel started registering Hebrew idn.idn
  244. Internet Explorer 8 Delayed Until 2009
  245. Russia applies for IDN gTLD's
  246. Russia Wins First Non-Latin Domain Extension .RF (.РФ)
  247. TINA DAM- video from Cairo talks IDN gTLD and ccTLD
  248. 30 respondents specified one or more IDN ccTLD labels ..so far
  249. Internet Finance International Corporation
  250. ICANN Cairo Meeting begins tomorrow 11-1