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  1. No new members -verification email not working
  2. Can't post reply
  3. Forgot Password Not Working
  4. My IDNF layout is in Chinese
  5. "Buyer pays any paypal fees."
  6. Online Users
  7. Trading subforum
  8. Rep Power
  9. Search doesn't work
  10. IDN Forum & the iPhone
  11. Avatar Size
  12. adult section
  13. Approx + style doesn't allow pasting into the post title field
  14. Howto become Premium Member
  15. Is this ok to do?
  16. VBay
  17. Thread Edit Feature Gone
  18. "Reserve Price" needs clarification
  19. Recommendations required for Hosting site
  20. Leaving itrader
  21. BB Code
  22. Insurance site development
  23. 'Quick Reply' button not working
  24. link redirects not working here anymore
  25. I love IDNforums and...
  26. adding an auction script to the site
  27. Anyone else not getting email thread reply notifications?
  28. Scifi AKA goidn AKA bruins
  29. Do You need "Qote selected' & 'Paste nick in reply'?
  30. Has nayone WhiteScreen error?
  31. Rubber Duck 9,000 POSTS!
  32. Have you been deleting a lot of threads lately Olney?
  33. Multi Quote Option.
  34. Is it me only?
  35. Find all posts by this user -> limited to 500
  36. Extra Large Signatures
  37. What happened to the "quick links" dropdown
  38. Recent Threads
  39. Bot prevention
  40. Idnforum.com parked
  41. Call for a Ban for SciFi
  42. automerged doublepost
  43. Should bots be allowed to post?
  44. Anonymous Bidding
  45. Call for a Ban for Dabsi
  46. Redirect script does not work with Unicode URLs
  47. Regional Specific Discussion
  48. Split the sales forums? (Part II)
  49. Moderators?
  50. How about changing to a better VB style?
  51. Split the sales forums?
  52. Mouse Droppings
  53. Can't edit past sales threads.
  54. The time for Moderators is now
  55. Planning to extend members only section
  56. IDNForum RSS Feed
  57. What to do about Javago?
  58. Increase in PM quota?
  59. Sale/appraisal system - options?
  60. Bartering Domains
  61. Local Language Interfaces
  62. Local Language subforums
  63. Enable IDN keywords search?
  64. move CSS code out to seperate file
  65. IDN.net
  66. How about a chat
  67. Consultation on Improving the IDNer's Experience at DNF
  68. Admin: how about some stats on new members
  69. How about an OT forum?
  70. Is there an advertisement board here ?
  71. Link to idnforums.com at domainingblog.com
  72. Does IDNforums need more horsepower?
  73. Suggestion to protect buyers
  74. Default to last page
  75. IDN Rating System
  76. Can't view msgs with SLASH in title.
  77. Members should participate in forums in order to be allowed access to apprasial forum
  78. Close more threads to guests?
  79. Can you increase the cookie timeout value?
  80. Area specific forums - Spanish, French, Portuguese
  81. Website forum.
  82. Problem with backslashes and the SEO module
  83. Bumping of Sales Threads
  84. IDN sales
  85. [ IDNforums.com ] is mentioned by DNjournal.com
  86. Spread FireFox!
  87. Dingbat Section Needed - ★.com, ☆.com, etc.
  88. Humor forum
  89. Outbox
  90. Proposal for some forum rules:
  91. Would it be possible to add a Chat function?
  92. Romance language IDNs
  93. Indian IDN Discussion Forum
  94. Email Notificiation
  95. Dedicated IE7 messageboard?
  96. "European" or "Other" IDN discussion Forum.
  97. IDN Whois
  98. Domain Name Glossary
  99. Suggestion for forum for non-IDN domains