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  1. Domainers explained!
  2. What Company Is This ?
  3. Satellite IDs Ships That Cut Cables
  4. Great Britain's symbol-based "pound domain" to be auctioned
  5. Mobile Firefox Prototype Arrives
  6. What the f*cking hell is going down here?
  7. How to secure your IDNs from hijacking?
  8. Ouch how would you translate this
  9. Is it just me, or has Namedrive parking been dead for over 14 hours?
  10. namedrive down?
  11. Breaking: IDNs in .SU. Comming soon...
  12. Register.com $35 for an idn .info per year
  13. MEPs to call for EU Olympics ban
  14. Affilias to begin dot ME registration
  15. Go Daddy Offers International Domains
  16. Strange single character 2 letter domain name
  17. Launched www.משחקים.com (Games in Hebrew).
  18. Namedrive having connectivity problems again?
  19. Sedo losing steam with dot com sales?
  20. DNJ: Did he really say that?
  21. ICANN Moves Against GoDaddy Domain Lockdowns
  22. 2000 police in London, 3000 in Paris
  23. IDN Auction started at NP
  24. Another hot namepros theme
  25. 2 word hyphenated words Arabic IDNs
  26. Google ads in Korea don't contain URLs?
  27. World's First.
  28. Pizza.com story hit Azerbaijan
  29. Pizza.com story hits Azerbaijan
  30. Please do not PM me here.
  31. Google automatically indexing fresh regs?
  32. Herd instinct issue for newbie IDNers.
  33. 2 Users and 53 Guests....wassup?
  34. Fexon Technology Ltd: Internet real estate wins customer award
  35. earned $4.64 per visitor, received 5.899M visitors, 0.5 year
  36. Any good way of monetizing symbols and punctuations?
  37. April 1st joke - DNlocal pass away?
  38. Domain no longer supported by advertiser
  39. The stats are in for March
  40. Dynadot Privacy who.is....NOT!
  41. Clip/Teaser - Please watch and comment
  42. IDNoptions trial model kick-off
  43. Explosive Internet Market... (IDN)
  44. How do people view IDNs?
  45. Priority Rights of Existing IDN Holders
  46. You'd really think that Google would fix their ads
  47. Global internet usage
  48. dot asia
  49. When will these people be idner?
  50. Namedrive - China
  51. A new skin for the forum?
  52. The Hunt for Clicks goes global.
  53. Great Quote
  54. How to value domains: Location, Location, Location.
  55. Japanese takes the lead?
  56. Verisign to raise registration fees on .com and .net
  57. Rick Threw in the Towel
  58. Local Domain Name Forum
  59. Snowe Bill Fight!
  60. And the first domain on Sedo's GreatDomains auction list is ...
  61. What a dumbass
  62. Save the Developers! Stop Using Internet Explorer 6
  63. Thinking of disposing the remainder of my ascii.
  64. Your Japanese minisite performance?
  65. 2007~2008 chinese domianname news collect
  66. smithers.com 5,509 ppl town, sold for $11,660
  67. .ws domains and idn
  68. ß idn not supported?
  69. Firefox 3 Beta 4 SUCKS.
  70. 戈 Is this character on the Chinese keyboards?
  71. ICANN wants $61,000,000 of your money!
  72. Google's feature to exclude ads on parking sites
  73. Time Running Out to Make the Internet Your Business - ICANN
  74. The name of the game is changing, albeit slowly
  75. Excellent Article from FS on Domain Value
  76. move over old guard [one size does NOT fit all]
  77. The next rounds .tv or .biz
  78. This forum is going .... where?
  79. Make Hillary Bleed - at $1 a pop!
  80. A Push to Limit the Tracking of Web Surfers’ Clicks
  81. Selling Domains : Auctions Aren’t TheAnswer
  82. What's actually happening in Wallstreet?
  83. Euro only
  84. Today I receive two Negative Ratings.
  85. this is a good laugh
  86. Google starts to lock out foreign domainers
  87. Wonderful News my domain request rejected
  88. 15 cents a day
  89. The economy is strong
  90. February Revenue exceeded
  91. What are your biggest mistakes?
  92. Oooooooooops!
  93. Do you think CTR will go up ?
  94. Spam 'King' faces slammer
  95. 3 letter ascii .jp domains
  96. JPM Buys Bear Stearns for $2/share
  97. Determine if you're a real domain junkie
  98. Japanese ISPs To Cut Net Access For File Sharers
  99. It's MJ - borrowing Ross' account
  100. Calm before the Storm
  101. 2 stroke kanji .jp domains?
  102. Funds.com Japanese. ASCII version sold for $9,999,950 in Largest Cash Deal Reported.
  103. ICANN mulls technical feasibility of Indian language domain namesICANN mulls
  104. MJ you need to clean up your mailbox
  105. first japanese idn on tv ad
  106. Anyone here from South Africa?
  107. Cubas President Just Lifted Ban On....
  108. The Arabs are on the Loose
  109. GoDaddy Silences Police-Watchdog Site RateMyCop.com
  110. Russian transliteration on google.com
  111. Afternic to Upgrade its Categories Next Week (adding IDNs)
  112. Starting to see Asian type-in on IDN.jp
  113. The NY Times article on Type In's
  114. 18 Startup Tips
  115. Are the bots out? Traffic surge on Japanese IDNs.
  116. is this a bad offer?
  117. Fate
  118. Wikileaks Calls For Global Boycott Against eNom
  119. посредники.com Realtors .com
  120. Combo & dashed russian IDNs. Are they valuable?
  121. Is this real?
  122. latest finds
  123. Revenge of the Experts
  124. New gTLDs
  125. More IDN trash on Ebay
  126. Google putting search boxes in serps now
  127. Gee is moving to dnlocal
  128. IE7 - 21% Market Share?
  129. IDN Article, India.
  130. Spike in ND french PPC?
  131. Great spam PM
  132. Bank Moves to Withdraw Its Suit Against Wikileaks Site
  133. Fórex.com
  134. Number of ".jp" Domain Names Tops One M. Mark
  135. StretchLimos.co.uk stretches its ambitions--Fexon Technology Ltd
  136. Internet Explorer 8 Has Arrived
  137. How Stupid was this?
  138. What is the next ccTld to pick up idns in
  139. Need Viagra?
  140. FOR SALE Nokia N95 8GB @300usd
  141. US Shuts down foreign owned domains registered at Enom
  142. A real American GEO IDN
  143. Snowe Bill Threatens Domain Name Registrants
  144. 3407.70$ Rpm?
  145. Sudden traffic to HK domains right before expiration
  146. Is this Arabic name correct?
  147. Rick Schwartz post from 1998...a few parallels to IDNs
  148. Secret .mobi fan spotted and revealed!
  149. Even the Russians have stopped accepting US Dollars
  150. DataRecovery.com Sells for $1.7 Million
  151. Judge Reverses His Order Disabling Web Site
  152. Why the early speculators may be screwed
  153. Travel agency with IDN advertised on the radio
  154. This is a golden opportunity
  155. Leap Year Domains
  156. Important! Letter from Regtime to ICANN.
  157. Russian IDN online ads :)
  158. Google gives homeless free voicemail
  159. Get the latest Apple macbook Air ---- 800usd,Apple iphone 16gb ---- 320usd
  160. Isn't it funny?
  161. Chinese is very difficult
  162. Collective Action to force IDN.com into M. Firefox
  163. IBM $15 Billion Buy Back
  164. DD24 encoding
  165. I think I finally found a good one
  166. Google Shocker: Paid Click Hits Wall
  167. Affiliate Summit Live Auction Nets $370k
  168. ICANN and Network Solutions in WSJ
  169. Are you Buying Any Stock in Flowers.mobi ?
  170. ie7 pushed in japan
  171. Question: Is VAT payable for domain sales?
  172. is it safe to say?
  173. UBS sued on sub-prime mis-selling
  174. GNSO response to ccNSO GAC Issues report on IDNs
  175. The Australian Problem - Sounds like an American Depression would be a blessing!
  176. Good Test for Viability of ASCII in Latin Languages
  177. UK gambler makes almost $2 million off $1 wager
  178. Class Action Suit against Microsoft gets Green Light
  179. ICANN Blog: What does the IDN wiki give us?
  180. Moroccan jailed for royal Facebook 'joke'
  181. DNS for Domainers
  182. My 1st Italian & Russian names!
  183. Arabic Overture Tool?
  184. Dropping at domainsite
  185. Here we go...
  186. Tina Dam answers: Are existing gTLDs going to be aliased to IDN extensions or not?
  187. Google Launched Real Estate Ind. Knowledge Center
  188. Geo Development
  189. Microsoft to open up key software blueprints
  190. Results for Moniker-Snapnames Live Auction last night
  191. ICANN Blog...questions and comments by me, RD, more.
  192. Judge Orders Wikileaks Web Site Shut
  193. Misspellings are being reduced from Google indexes
  194. Who lights up IDNforums again?
  195. Forum seems to be up again!
  196. extensions in title of for sale posts
  197. Newspaper Ad Network Shuns Google, Yahoo, MS
  198. Indian Domain Names - One script takes all!
  199. Is it .com only for you, or are other tld's acceptable ??
  200. The global credit crisis in 45 easy to understand slides
  201. ICANN have basically killed any prospect of IDN.IDN challenging IDN.com
  202. Spain in April
  203. jp-domains.com
  204. Mapping/Aliasing
  205. IDNForums listing in google at the moment
  206. Koreans are actively emailing direct offers.
  207. When can I register domain names under IDN TLDs? by Tina Dam
  208. Why is IDN.com seemingly kept secret by ICANN?
  209. Why
  210. Mozilla releases Firefox Beta 3
  211. .cn grows by 20,000 every day!
  212. Moniker bulk check sucks!
  213. Russian traffic up 3000% since 2006
  214. Japanese Auto Update
  215. Adult terms in Arabic
  216. Korean .info names - worth regging or not?
  217. IDN Global Deployment
  218. Arabic Names, worth regging or not?
  219. ß
  220. 6% of Web Users Generate 50% of Ad Clicks
  221. 1 character Korean & Chinese .com, worth registering?
  222. Brüssel.com on Sedo auction
  223. The British are proven Innocent!
  224. Is the nut cracking?
  225. Adsense now uses a Google account
  226. Ok make me rich
  227. IDN in dot mobi
  228. no arbitrage/no paid traffic
  229. What Day is it in Japan?
  230. Microsoft Prepares to Unveil IE8 Features At MIX08
  231. EU shows it is even handed
  232. Wall Street Celebrates
  233. IDN Workshop - New Delhi, India
  234. Chumble Spuzz.
  235. The importance of accurate translation.
  236. Group Think
  237. Newsbreak - Singapore government asks citizens to prepare for recession.
  238. Internet Bullies
  239. New gTLD program status
  240. Ascii minisites wanted.
  241. The fire is burning bright!
  242. ICANN Posts Budget Framework For 2009 Fiscal Year (IDN - 10M)
  243. Late 19th century Australia had a depression worst than the Great depression.
  244. Free Private Whois
  245. Yahoo Board to Reject Takeover Bid From Microsoft
  246. View review
  247. quotes or no quotes? strange things happen..
  248. How to improve the IDN market
  249. Whats with all the personal attacks recently?
  250. Click Record