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  1. Breast size determines personality
  2. Happy Birthday to YOU -
  3. Best wishes to all for 2008
  4. Really want to know why America is in a Mess?
  5. Let us all speak english next year?
  6. A Study of Mobile Search Queries in Japan
  7. north american bot today?
  8. Explain this???
  9. Is there domainer rehab?
  10. AGIP’s Executive Director Elected to ICANN’s IDN Working Group
  11. Inputting Japanese
  12. ICANN Blog: Internationalization and Localization
  13. Will Vegas CES sink Sedo's Mobi Re-Auction?
  14. So you are impressed with China's growth?
  15. PCWorld.com Year-End Stats: IE7, Firefox, Vista, Mac
  16. Iran.com meets reserve at Sedo!
  17. Want to see a list of really crumby ASCII names?
  18. Regarding the japanese single char. auction
  19. 豪华车 Translation help
  20. Netscape Navigator is no more!
  21. TDC LTD Contact info
  22. Domain front running featured on Slashdot
  23. Japanese Government to Regulate Online Communication
  24. Are MS vulnerabilities a major threat to US security?
  25. And what the Russian think of Foreign Media!
  26. Chinese version of TRAFFIC
  27. Kayak.com reach $196m bid--Asia Domain Name Registration Limited
  28. Match.com enters social networking--Shanghai NIC Network Service Co.,Ltd
  29. A look back.
  30. A Look at the Top Searches of 2007
  31. Anyone watched The Warlords show?
  32. Here we go! The Yuan Cometh!
  33. 2008 trend: KIDs rock!
  34. Domain ‘.рф’: countdown underway
  35. Brand China?
  36. Russian Tyre Kickers out in force?
  37. Doubt the Strength of the UK Online Market?
  38. Yahoo! Found Guilty of Mass Copyright Infringement
  39. WARNING: Google’s GMail security failure
  40. Am I missing something?
  41. AP Story- China and Wall Street
  42. Putin 'wants sat-nav for pet dog'
  43. .рф story Syndicated
  44. Local Papers' Web Scramble
  45. .РФ discussion on searchengines.ru (russian)
  46. Merry Christmas IDNers!!!
  47. mele Kalikimaka, C Рождеством, メリークリスマス, 圣诞快乐, สุขสันต์วันคริสตร์มาส
  48. Some browser Stats
  49. ICANN Calls for Expressions of Interest from Potential Dispute Resolution Service
  50. Thai traffic
  51. Is our friend back again?
  52. Muhammad Mustafa, clear your PM box!
  53. BJP on ascendancy in India?
  54. Namedrive acting up?
  55. Heard this song? "Here Comes another Bubble"
  56. China - Interest rate hikes won't quell appetite for real estate
  57. America Running on Empty?
  58. Is Putin Europe's richest man?
  59. Arabic Skype
  60. Duck can't add up!
  61. So which ccTLDs to invest in?
  62. Ceremony inaugurates Chinese jet
  63. g.cn not the holy grail?
  64. Google mulls Indian version of cross-language info retrieval
  65. Traffic on steady uptick at Namedrive
  66. Hindi penetration into Media and Advertising
  67. Adult Affiliate GEO. Pays 35-40 dollars a sign up.
  68. Chinese click
  69. Absinthe!
  70. Arabic IDNs search result question.
  71. IE8 passes Acid2 test
  72. Last names?
  73. Cheapest place to register IDNs
  74. NEW: Google Talk Live Translations
  75. Norwegian Traffic
  76. 43 clicks for a grand total of..........
  77. Putin named 'Person of the Year'
  78. How long before all US Banks are in Foreign Hands?
  79. DO u guys use NOD32?
  80. US Energy Bill
  81. IDN.nu second highest ccTLD at DNJ!
  82. Must Read: Bulgarian Group Challenges IDN ccTLD Policy
  83. Good Russian Click
  84. Surprising upbeat comments on IDN at NP
  85. Funny video. (Warning: No entry for children.)
  86. Russia estimates IT market growth
  87. Hindi Computing Resources on the Internet
  88. Stop the presses: Rick Schwartz talks about IDNS!
  89. Should we be worried
  90. question about sedo.
  91. What may have been- One idea
  92. Sedo pays better for Arabics?
  93. 1 character idns
  94. Yahoo.com doesn't display IDN URLs?
  95. Americans really are stupid "Facebook for Dummies"
  96. Since Keywords Are Potential Typeins, IDN Wins
  97. Products in Translation
  98. Anyone invest Amharic?
  99. Top 10 reasons to be a domainer
  100. This is what we like to hear!
  101. New google ads changes
  102. Where it all goes Tits UP!
  103. WhatIs .com
  104. How the Next Billion Will Reshape the Internet
  105. Climate deal sealed by US U-turn
  106. Chinese kids get foreign-brand toys
  107. Non-English
  108. เกมส์.com now an ascii url?
  109. Who is IDNscan.com
  110. Waaayy Off-Topic - LokuLoku.com
  111. anyone here ever surf this forum on a blackberry?
  112. Dnticker.com
  113. The State of Typo-Squatting 2007
  114. NASDAQ going IDN?
  115. Zeitgeist2007 is out
  116. Internet Traffic
  117. unique visits on sedo
  118. type-ins!
  119. Opera files antitrust suit against Microsoft
  120. Motley Fool now agree ing with Duck?
  121. Couple of Dot De set to make running at Sedo
  122. And may be now Microsoft can find Japan?
  123. For laughters - toilet rules.
  124. Everyone should read: Land Grab? ccTLDs and multilingual names
  125. An historic day
  126. Namedrive does it again
  127. Sedo does it again
  128. Freddie Mac Lies to America!
  129. Music.Mobi fallen through?
  130. IDN GOLD? Will IDNs get good exposure at the Summer Olympics be?
  131. China real estate trading more thrilling than domains.
  132. Anyone get one of these emails before...?
  133. Spamming French IDN who.is names
  134. "Making the Internet truly local"
  135. Tax question: what categorie are domains?
  136. OK, what is going on with google's indexing?
  137. Wanker!
  138. Domainers Anonymous
  139. Firefox Stops the Rot!
  140. Internationalised Domain Names (IDN) in .nz - Consultation
  141. AlternativeEnergy.com promises "to fill a void"--netinchina.hk
  142. US speculators getting organised!
  143. IDNs- 11/18 IDNA- Issues and Rationale
  144. Mozilla Inks Deal With Chinese Search Giant
  145. news on music.mobi
  146. Deepfish - Microsoft Mobile Browser
  147. This Video Clip not to be missed!
  148. IDNers with AOL?
  149. Opera ships Mini for BREW-based phones
  150. Baidu changing from trad. to simp.
  151. Namedrive Unicode vs. Punycode display
  152. Careful guys if you are looking to buy asian reits - real estate boom over.
  153. GreatFood.com enlarge following recent success--netinchina.org.cn
  154. Somebody really likes them!
  155. Invest.com auction on Sedo - "Auction extended"
  156. Bush to subsidise Homeowners.
  157. Live at PubCon
  158. Internet Explorer 8
  159. Free Universal Music Downloads
  160. Yahoo! India and Jagran Group launch a new co-branded Hindi news and current affairs
  161. Mobile Video Service Delivering Real Time Adaptation and Streaming of Internet Video
  162. HồChíMinh.com @ PubCon
  163. Vegas 28th largest US City?
  164. $0.42 click - looking up !
  165. Trademarked Domains?
  166. IDN Display URL in Adsense Campaigns
  167. The 20 Most Influential People In The Domain Industry
  168. farsi .nets value ??
  169. What does pól mean?
  170. Another Duck prediction fulfilled.
  171. IDNs "ain’t gonna happen on a large scale in our lifetimes"
  172. 300 million IE7 users already?!
  173. Congrats 희정짱
  174. Democracy in China!
  175. What did you reg in december?
  176. กีฬา.TV Sport. TV
  177. łł.com - what you think?
  178. Apple evolution
  179. Merry Christmas Everybody!
  180. God, I like such ads!
  181. Found a new PPC company that seems to cater to Japanese/Chinese traffic
  182. could they be any more vague?
  183. русский.idn.icann.org TOP3 in Google Russia with query IDN!
  184. Youtube Video About .HK IDN's
  185. The wheels are coming off the Government
  186. videos w global facts
  187. FS: If .asia is a winner ‘in asia’, then IDN’s are doomed...
  188. Football network
  189. Problems with Romanian IDNs
  190. China plans to merge HK and Shenzhen.
  191. Dell vs Florida Registrars
  192. Solicitations from new members
  193. Somebody Complain So Many Dot Nets, Now,Great Dot COMs Is Coming!
  194. Elliot’s Blog - Wanted: US City .com Domain Name
  195. Natively.com Translation software
  196. quick arabic help needed, thanks
  197. Chinese website using pinyin.com but with that idn.com as title and logo.
  198. Mobile video & TV subscribers will grow from 40 million in 2006 to 750 million in 201
  199. Complete list of applied for .asia domains
  200. CANN – Released Results on IDNs
  201. Thousands of dot nets for sale
  202. IE7 Marketshare Data
  203. tina dam!
  204. เมล confirmation
  205. Baidu Index Facelift
  206. Finally it's here - Registrar Data Escrow program
  207. Do You knoq hosting for IDNs with correct IDN-displaying in panel?
  208. How can a company like Microsoft do something like this?!
  209. Do You see sense in russian .net's?
  210. Webdunia.com, Hindi internet portals has launched a new TV Campaign
  211. Who Is It !
  212. My IDN posted at online russian magazine :)
  213. Japanese dash
  214. IDN Links .org - IDN Only Directory
  215. TM Issue ?
  216. An Important Step toward the Implementation of IDN Top-Level Domains: New Versions of
  217. Zenmaster, i caught you on Analytics!
  218. TrafficZ vs Sedo Parking
  219. What's wrong with this picture?
  220. Newcomers?
  221. Crap! Who steal перегородки.com?
  222. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/Infotech/Nokia_to_click_revenues_from_internet_ve
  223. AOL, OneIndia Forge Alliance
  224. PinYin Doing this ?
  225. Moscow.com.ua Keep/Drop
  226. Domain Wire Mag talks about IDN TLD
  227. 1hour1k IDN
  228. 公司.net auction question
  229. Indexation of Azeri Explodes
  230. Brown Outs?
  231. IDN Market Trends
  232. Escrow or- a domain purchase saga!
  233. End ie6 now!
  234. farsi help needed, thanks
  235. Renewal Reminders
  236. поездов translation needed
  237. IDNs “not for the current users, but for the next billion”.
  238. Főoldal = Home? - Hungarian speaker
  239. arabic.nets
  240. порно.blogspot.com - did You know?
  241. Nominet releases first Domain name industry report
  242. More BS Debunked!
  243. MiniSite + AdSense = BAN?
  244. "ебут" = F*ck ? confirmation needed, thanks
  245. French and Romanian translation help
  246. CNNmoney - China bubble poised to burst on next negative development - Morgan Stanley
  247. Global search article
  248. Tata Teleservices drives mobile Web growth in India with Opera Mini
  249. quick question
  250. Free Porn