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  1. OECD forecast aligning with the Ducks
  2. Shanghai collapses on Green Span comment
  3. Google's new tool
  4. One way that IE7 is spreading in Japan
  5. new google trends interface
  6. Problem with accentuated generics?
  7. Thanks to DAVE RD
  8. Good domain article to inspire strategic planning
  9. Thanks asiaplay-but please comment
  10. Any people who speak chinese on these forums?
  11. Yikes - this dude has stolen my user!...
  12. What do ya think of the kind words by Frank on IDNs?
  13. Million $$ spanish IDN is going to drop !
  14. Please help with translation
  15. Shanghai stock mkt beating HK? Yesterday's news, Shanghai has already beaten London.
  16. eNom sucks
  17. IDN Adoption Rate Statistics China?
  18. Microsoft buys Aquantive for $6 billion!
  19. Chinese trademark search?
  20. IDN Traffic Domain Multiple
  21. really kick-ass new google analytics report interface
  22. Telegraph.co.uk - Spain risks crisis over vanishing reserves
  23. IDN's are worthless crap and the forums are full of $10 names
  24. póker.de 50.000€ on sedo
  25. Poll: How many foreign languages do you speak?
  26. China going Multi-Lingual
  27. Concept: Don't park it, embark it
  28. Renewing domains at enom?
  29. Die Happy :o)
  30. ^_^ -> Ever wondered what tihs means?
  31. Bourses in China eclipse all of Asia
  32. Who has Vietnamese names? Wazzup with them?
  33. RobertMurat.com
  34. Biggest Threat to Domainers
  35. The end of Daimler-Chrysler
  36. Forbes - China wealthiest person + Asia's richest woman, a 25 year old woman.
  37. Still good .jp's (and .coms) out there...
  38. Saw that idnclub had a new design + guess what? Sale posts are now in English!
  39. IDN breakthrough or massive Scam?
  40. "Death of the URL" No need for IDN's
  41. Yahoo shutting down US Auction site
  42. 38 domains on DNLocal Lucky Dip Auction
  43. Watch out- America is sleeping now, but Greenspan giving "closed-door" talks in Asia.
  44. AMT.com closing at Sedo!
  45. French elections
  46. New Outlets for IDN
  47. Bloomberg: Home Prices Fall in Rich New York Suburbs Once Immune to Slump
  48. JP Domains has not been responding to my emails for the past 2 weeks....
  49. India domainers love .mobi
  50. Japanese Domainers must be downloading IE7
  51. Chinglish launches Chinese-character email
  52. Ever wondered so many .cn u WHOIS are reg'ed for 10 yrs? Read this report (chinese)
  53. Brokering Domains
  54. Webcam.in $18,662
  55. Lucky Dip Auction
  56. Highest google results?
  57. Dot Biz Reg Numbers ?
  58. IE7 uptake stalls
  59. The Rise of the Ruble
  60. Unicode/UTF-8 and PHP and a possible solution?
  61. Computer Retailers Last to Switch?
  62. ღ.com
  63. Is this the Start of the Emergence of the Yuan as Major Reserve Currency
  64. ICANN Publishes IDN Glossary
  65. Why corporation IDNs.biz
  66. Business Web sites using IDNs NOW
  67. Adsense revenue waaaaayyy down today?
  68. That's not a big secret so...
  69. Giving back to the forum
  70. Anyone also in the tropics experiencing a cooler and stormy year?
  71. whats this IDN ????
  72. Active - Please check your messages
  73. Too many IDN domainers ?
  74. How can I host an IDN?
  75. Microsoft hints at Internet Explorer 8
  76. ccTLD Zone Files
  77. How to Pick Domain Names
  78. JP overture down ?
  79. 青.biz (blue)
  80. Time To Close The Forum !!!!!!!!!!
  81. Hey kid, got $3 bucks?
  82. Problem with domainsite and idn.biz
  83. What's the difference between...
  84. The Importance of Establishing an Viable Elite Auction
  85. When will ICANN insert the IDNs into the live root?
  86. DNLocal.com Elite Auction
  87. Got some stats - wanna compare?
  88. Going local!!
  89. Chinese bank stocks priced at 100 times earnings
  90. What is your best domain name?
  91. What is your best domain name?
  92. Does CNNIC allow one character IDN.cn?
  93. You are all amateurs !
  94. Pointless thread, but wow: Everything's Gone!
  95. IDN .biz question?
  96. Are any of you Brits heading to this?
  97. IDN Development- First Mover Advantage
  98. ascii domain freegames.vc on sedo auctions
  99. registry operator, service provider and Sponsoring organization difference??
  100. gTLD vs. ccTLD Values
  101. IDN. biz pre-registration
  102. Future of .tv????
  103. Dynadot holding domains?
  104. Why don't Western Economists get it?
  105. The dot gongsi (.公司) dilemma.
  106. Investment Capital for IDN Purchases
  107. Example of ASCII.co.jp --> IDN.com
  108. Qsama.com --> まんが.net
  109. So this is what the Chines spend their $100 a year on!
  110. WTF are they talking about!
  111. How fast is the Arabic |Internet Growing?
  112. Value of English .cn names
  113. $4000 Car - you can buy sell a domain and get yourself a car!
  114. IdnNow.com is banned by China net.
  115. Most Chinese small & medium-sized enterprises don't use computers
  116. first professional IDN auction system will be online soon
  117. Bloomberg - Many Savers, Few Spenders Leave South China Mall Almost Empty
  118. Frank Schilling Blogs about Indian Domains
  119. April 16 (Bloomberg): What Grows $1 Million a Minute?
  120. How long have you been hooked?
  121. Search in Chinese
  122. This registrar makes RegisterFly look like Registrar of the Year
  123. Korea's funds freed.
  124. What makes a domain name forum successful?
  125. Who say the Email was not born in my country?
  126. China Online Ad Boom Begins
  127. Future of IDNs
  128. why idns like this are registered?
  129. Who own domainer's magazine?
  130. Which is the best parking program for IDNs?
  131. Non Roman IDN Sales - Where are they?
  132. 21st Century Interactive Treasure Map
  133. An IDN Tale <- a must read!
  134. The matter is.
  135. Verisign raising .com/net prices in october
  136. Is .CN hot
  137. How to find Arabic results
  138. .nu usage in Japan ?
  139. Do you want?
  140. ourTVad, the Next Million Dollar Ad Model?
  141. Sedo VS Hôtel Méridien = 100.000€ !!!
  142. Domain Trades
  143. Unicode Code Search Disabled in China?
  144. LOL Wi-Fi blocking Paint
  145. Escrow.com goes to a GoDaddy parking page?!?
  146. ICANN may just say screw off to lawsuits and taxes
  147. Can idn.com and idn.idn co-exist?
  148. Most Beneficial Threads on IDNF of All Time
  149. Most Classic IDNF Threads Of All Time
  150. idn.idn- Still not implemented & pathetic
  151. Branding on Punycode?
  152. Example of IDN.com Branding
  153. Latest Selection of Chinese IDN Sites
  154. Names that I am dropping...
  155. Just be careful!
  156. China CCTV's IDN is running.
  157. Phishing Domains: Are they ethical, legal, useless?
  158. Open Letter to ICANN concerning new gTLDs
  159. Google TISP - a liitle flushed
  160. I think i LOVE this Picture !!!
  161. Russian website www.сіті.com written in russian letters!
  162. Founder of Betonsports arrested
  163. China's ICBC Passes Bank of America in Market Value
  164. Aliasing & Policy & China
  165. Domainsite.com and Associates sued for $12M
  166. XXX Goes Down!
  167. How many of you been to Shanghai, Shenzhen or Beijing (for non-PRC nationals ONLY).
  168. Tina's Report
  169. Transcript - IDN - GAC - GNSO & ccNSO Working Groups Workshop
  170. Dell gives the go-ahead for Linux
  171. Probable answers on IDN ccTLD issues (ccNSO IDN Working Group 28th March)
  172. Can't renew domains at JP-Domains?
  173. will .jps go up
  174. Presentation by Ram Mohan to GNSO Council and IDN wg meeting Lisbon powerpoint
  175. Anyone listening to the ICANN conference in Lisbon? (IDN Updates to be included)
  176. Interesting developments on Hindi
  177. Is DNAME required for ASCII?
  178. Greeks using DNAME!
  179. ccTLDs need DNAMES?
  180. Cerf coins new term: iccTLDs
  181. PAUL TWOMEY: WHEN not IF!
  182. Anybody know these guys?
  183. इंडिया = Hindi?
  184. Tina on IDN.IDN
  185. Language Problem with Words
  186. Integrity and Security?
  187. How you copyright and registered a new product?
  188. Google cross-lingo algo!!
  189. Awalnet’s Al Hussein: A lack of Arabic content is hurting the Middle East
  190. How to find all the Arabic Name Sales other than IDNForum
  191. DNLocal Announces Elite Auction
  192. .cn only $2.99 at Dynadot - But not for IDN.cn
  193. More developed Japanese idns
  194. Hebrew IDNs worth anything?
  195. Top Level domains associated with SPAM
  196. Domainsite Renewal Special Code
  197. get'em a beer!!
  198. Vietnam adds tonal marks to website names
  199. SEDO IDN Efforts (Good!)
  200. Firms 'ignore' $5 trillion market
  201. QR codes
  202. How many developed websites do you own?
  203. .WS answer
  204. .ws domains question
  205. Accredited Translators
  206. Next Best thing to Domains is Farm Land ?
  207. **FS** On Flowers.mobi Purchase
  208. More IDN Ramblings on *FS* Blog
  209. Your critique has helped ty. Here is the result...
  210. Realtime Auction Dates
  211. Arabic Traffic Increase?
  212. Do chinese IDN.com still have value on the place outside of China?
  213. What Time are you online?
  214. IDN "may" be introduced by 2008...
  215. Domainer's Magazine Article on IDNs
  216. Talking' Bout A Revolution.....
  217. frank schilling posting about IDNs again ...
  218. Talk about a hairstyle
  219. .ws vs .cc vs .tv
  220. IDN Language Tags
  221. What's in a name?
  222. China forming fund to invest reserves
  223. Phishing IDNs mentioned on F-Secure blog
  224. Gambling- the UK moves forward as America steps back!
  225. no mention of idns in this months cover story of the traffic conference
  226. Dynadot claims 54% of all spanish .org IDN sunrise domains were done by them
  227. BBC plugging IDN!
  228. idntools.net - termchecker down
  229. telnic won't launch IDNs
  230. Google Rank No. 1
  231. where does one find "bids"?
  232. commentary on pricing attitudes
  233. Best registrars for .CN, .JP and other Asian extensions
  234. TDC has renewed their idns through 2008
  235. 404 error on IDNF
  236. dnlocal.com chat
  237. IDN ccTLD versus gTLD Discussion
  238. Moniker asks for a new chance on IDN.
  239. greatfirewallofchina.org Test your sites and see if they pass.
  240. Moniker Auction Results
  241. Fresh regs: can you resell them right away?
  242. More Sedo IDN's?
  243. Phishing filters: how do they work?
  244. "ass.com" on ebay (ɷ.com)
  245. What's the value of your best IDN?
  246. Anybody want to review my build...
  247. moniker traffic auction to be live on webmasterradio.fm at 2:30 PM EST (now)
  248. ユーロ.com Is dropping. God I'm so F-ing stupid.
  249. Crazy counter?
  250. Interesting stat for chinese IDN owners