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The missing piece of the puzzle

From an "outside" perspective, I think its fair to say that anyone who has done their research, knows the following:
  • Verisign is applying for transliterations of "com" and "net" in various languages
  • The registrant of the IDN dot com will get first rights to "unlock" the transliteration, so only they can get it

I think it's fair to say that anyone worth their salt knows this at least.

But the piece that I think is missing, is the likely adoption of these transliterated com or net. For example the Cyrillic com: ком or the Japanese com: コム

It wouldn't surprise me if the general perception of these is that they are just new gTLDs and therefore have a high chance of dying off like so many of them undoubtedly will and have in the past.

But this is where these transliterations are different from "just another hopefull gTLD"; as the IDN veterans know, there is logic and statistics to back up the theory that these transliterations will thrive when launched.

For the sake of filling in the blanks, can we gather as many replies here as possible providing evidence for this final part; I do afterall think its the missing piece for a lot of people out there.

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