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Re: CRYPTO CURRENCY THREAD- Bitcoin breaks $50K

I think I found another potential small cap crypto gem. Not financial advice this could could up or down a lot. Crypto is unpredictable and risky and small caps are even riskier. Do your own research. Not responsible for any losses.

I bought a good amount of Kadena (KDA) in the past few days.

This project still has a low marketcap. 70 million currently so it's under the radar.

It is a very scalable blockchain solution that claims to have solved the Ethereum scalability problem. That means they can safely process hundreds of thousands of transactions each second for a tiny fraction of a cent each. Many ETH transaction currently cost tens or hundreds of dollars.

Most of the better scalable blockchains that I know have now marketcaps above 1 billion vs 70 million of KDA.

Not only this but the founders created JPMorgan's private blockchain, Juno and were scientific advisors to the SEC.

One of Kadena's advisors invented blockchain technology in the 90s.

"As we're still in the nascent years of blockchain, it's exciting to see the amazing applications of the technology has achieved so far," said Dr. Haber. "Kadena is working on some of the most promising innovations in proof-of-work blockchain since Bitcoin itself."

So I think this is a promising team and promising technology virtually no one knows about yet.

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