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A few questions

I have a few questions before I decide to purchase any IDN's.

1. Is there a page which lists every character that is allowed in an IDN (I just mean accented letters like é)?
2. Also is there a page which lists which characters are on which keyboards (again just for european ones like é, for example would say, appears on French keyboards... etc.)
3. When parking a name am I supposed to enter the actual domain or the punycode? Does it even matter?
4. Rather than translations of words in other languages, is registering domains such as (these are just examples, already taken) sé, pó worth it? That's why I'd like to know about my 2nd question, to see which domains are likely to get type-ins.

Thanks for any answers, I look forward to them, apologies if these have been answered elsewhere, please point me in the right direction if they have.

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