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Re: São Tomé and Príncipe .com

Sigh.. okay whatever you say, since its your opinion. I'm just stating that this is the common name for English-speaking people as well. So its an English exonym.

"São Tomé and Príncipe" - Google 24,000,000 search results
"São Tomé e Príncipe" - Google 2,190,000 search results

Sites that use "São Tomé and Príncipe" as above in the thread title:-

Official São Tomé and Príncipe Tourism site -
IMF (International Monetary Fund) -
World Bank -,00.html
U.S Department of State -
São Tomé and Príncipe homepage -
B.B.C -
WHO (World Health Organisation) -

Is there a need to argue further? Nope. LOL, a country name that is 'worthless'.
Yes, i can accept it.
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