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Re: São Tomé and Príncipe .com

Originally Posted by Rubber Duck
You have still choosen to ignore the fact that most of the Google Results you refer to using the AND do not use the ACCENTS. That is because English speakers generally do not have these available on the their keyboards. Most people, me included, would not type it in using the accents in a million years.
No, no i'm not trying to force anything, or that it is aways the form "typed in".

Originally Posted by jose
I used to live on a street with that name. Sorry but it's São Tomé "e" Príncipe
Just that i'm correcting the fact for dear jose is that the "AND" is indeed used with/without accents. He seems to think that only using "e" is absolute correct. Check the Atlas near you. Of course you are entitled to free speech.

In fact, only for countries São Tomé and Príncipe and Réunion are accents commonly used for english speakers.
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