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Re: greek w or w/o accents?

Originally Posted by alexd
The correct grammatical way is to have the accents. However, the non-accented versions are probably going to get more type-in traffic.

If you do a general search on Google with a Greek keyword, it will return results for both the accented and non-accented work.

If you do your search such as ... ++"keyword in here" - then it will search for exactly the keyword/s you types in and include the accent in the search.

For example -

Google search for ξενοδοχεια ( Hotels ) without the accent
Search term - ++"ξενοδοχεια"
Results - 437.000

Google search for ξενοδοχεία ( Hotels ) with the accent
Search term - ++"ξενοδοχεία"
Results - 3.390.000

To check for which version is better, I prefer to use Yahoo. If you do a search in Yahoo for a non-accented Greek word, you will find a lot less number of results that you would for an accented Greek keyword.

Yes, this is exactly what I noted above [i get less serps in for the non-accented version]

If the domain you want to reg is available both with and without the accent, it would be wise to register both versions.

Hope this is of some help.
Thanx. I was considering getting both. You've confirmed what I was thinking. Accents = more serps but less type in.

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